7 Best Ways To Charge Laptop Battery In A Power Outage Or Load Shedding [Fixed 2023]

Are you fed-up by this on and on load shedding or power outage and you want to charge your laptop in this power outage but you don’t know how? No need to worry in this article I will tell you what are the ways to charge laptop battery in a power outage. You can follow the step which I m going to tell you to charge your laptop in a power outage or load shedding.

Reasons For Power Outage, There are many reasons behind power outage or load shedding. Here is the list of some common reasons behind the power outage.

  1. CYCLONE: Wind, breeze, glacier, warmth, are the most natural causes of load shedding.
  2. SHRUBS OR TREES: At the time of high breeze trimming by an unprofessional person can harm the power line and causes a power outage.
  3. AUTOMOBILE: An automobile crash with a transformer pole can cause a power outage.
  4. EARTHQUAKE SHOCKS: Earthquake can harm the electrical system and can cause load shedding.
  5. CREATURES: As we put a fence between the power system and living creatures, it can cause a short circuit.
  6. MINING: Sometimes underlying wires may be demented by digging that can cause a power outage.
  7. IMMENSE POWER CLAIM: High power demand can also cause a power outage.
  8. LIGHTNING: When lightening collides with electrical instruments, transformers, wires can cause a power outage.

7 Best Ways To Charge Laptop Battery  In A Power Outage Or Load Shedding

1. Use Solar Powered Batteries

Use Solar Powered Batteries Ways To Charge Laptop Battery In A Power Outage

Be ready for any coming problem or issue. That comprises spare batteries and backup chargers that work when the electrical energy is not available and reserved them for sudden emergencies just like nonelectrical charger hand-crank.

Solar-powered batteries are the movable appliance that uses energy from the sun for charging devices. This is one of the best options to charger laptop batteries in a power outage or load shedding.

Don’t forget that most of the power going out is because of the bad weather, the sun cannot always there so in that case hand-crank charger is a good option to charger your laptops.

2. Buy A Moveable Battery Chargers

You can take movable battery chargers with you where ever you want to take them because it doesn’t need electrical energy but you will have to careful to keep up it charged. This kind of charger acts as a retainer of the battery of your electronic devices.

These types of chargers come with a  broad range of storage capabilities and sizes, so if you are thinking of charger a laptop so you will need a charger with a bigger battery to charge your laptop completely in a power outage or load shedding.

3. Take Energy From Your Car

As batteries do not use electricity to give energy keep it in your mind that they are available to use in the course of a power outage or load shedding. It also entails a car battery. New cars have USB ports for charging your smartphones and laptops and older cars mostly have a power socket.

So when you are using this way to charger your laptop make sure you drive your car in drive away must away from your house and plug your laptop into the car charging ports.

4. Maintain Rest Of The Power

This is the best way to save your laptop charging. In addition to searching for methods to charge your laptops in a power outage or load shedding, you should consider what power you have left.

Switch off all the programs that run in the backdrop on your laptops like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to support the power that you have left on your laptop.

5. Pedal Charger

This is another option to charge your laptop without power supply in a power outage. It needs manual effort as far as you have the stamina you can charge your laptops with the help of a pedal charger.

This charge converts kinetic energy into electrical energy that helps in charging your laptops without power supply. This will take you out of the stressful situation and you can do your important work on your laptop.

6. Solar Power

Solar energy is the transformation of power from sunlight into electricity directly by solar cells or batteries or by using a combination. Consuming solar power is another solution for charging laptops without electrical power supply.

For this full solar energy-consuming equipment is required that will help you to charge your laptops without electrical power supply.

7. Gasoline Generator And Power Bank

This is another important and useful way to charge your laptop in a power outage or load shedding. The use of gasoline is another alternative to electricity. Gasoline fueled the engine to give power to an electric generator to form electricity. You can use gasoline in the form of generators and they will supply electricity for charging your laptop batteries.

It is a battery recharger to provide energy into a secondary cell by passing an electric current through it. You can charge your laptop with the help of a power bank in a power outage.


In short, if you are tired by on and on power outage or load shedding and you desire to charge your laptops in this power outage so firstly you should know the reason behind the power outage whether this power outage is due to the bad weather or there are some electrical issues.

Power outage let you tense and helpless in this bad situation. Reasons behind the power outage can be electrical issues or power outage may cause due to the cyclone, trees, wind breeze, lightening, evocation digging or mining, immense power outage, etc.

So after knowing the reasons behind the power outage you can charge your laptop by the use of gasoline, solar power, pedal chargers, you can take energy from your car, you can use solar-powered batteries, you can buy a removable battery charger or power banks. So these are the ways by which you can charge your laptops in load shedding.

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