How to fix Driver IRQL less or not equal error?

How to fix driver IRQL less or not equal error? The usage of a laptop is necessary while Doing a subjective or competent program, but sometimes, your face issues when there is a hardware error. This happens when you open your laptop, and there is an error like “Driver IRQL not less or equal.”.

Let us know first about this error.

What is “Driver Irql less or not equal error?

The driver Irql less or not equal is a hardware problem, probably appears when you start a window. This happens when you start system sync, or it may be closed during processing. Unfortunately, the conflict between these hardware makes the system down.

This error is standard when you deal with high performance or laptops. This usually occurs when a current working driver has an issue with the hardware. Due to this, it begins to access the data or memory of these hardware’s and the system starts to Stall while processing. This is because the driver has only access to read hardware,  but when it accesses the memory of that hardware, without having the right to access it.  This makes the system panic and reboots your laptop. Here is that screen, which is shown during this error.

How to fix driver IRQL less or not equal error

To fix this error, there are many solutions. But to choose an answer to this error, you should familiar with its cause. There may be many causes depending upon the situation in which your laptop or PC is facing these issues.

So, let us look at the causes of this error, and then we will find complete solutions to these problems.


What are the causes of this error?

In recent days, four leading causes prevail in this error.  These are mentioned as

  • Storage of corrupt files
  • Distinct device motorists
  • Inaccurate software
  • Erroneous hardware

So, I will tell you about these causes in little details.

Storage of corrupt files:

The first and common cause is the storage of corrupt files. Your computer or laptop contains faulty files which harm the hardware, and then this error came. These files can cause virus attacks and other possible destruction to the computer.

Distinct device motorists:

Another cause of this error would be incompatible device drivers. These drivers don’t meet the driving capability of your laptop. That’s why the computer is facing that issue.

Inaccurate software:

The installation of inaccurate software leads to this error. If you have installed new software, then if it is compatible with the driver or your laptop, it will run. If you don’t, then it will lead to access to your hardware memory.

Faulty hardware:

If your laptop has incompatible or faulty hardware, then there will be an issue regarding this error. Faulty hardware related to damaged motherboard or memory and in this way, driver conflicts to hardware.

But there is one question which mostly related to these problems, such as:


How to fix driver IRQL less or not equal error?

There is a simple method to solve this error if you are well known by the causes. The causes are the pillars of the solution . Here are few ways to fix the “driver IRQL less or not equal” error.

  • Know about the cause
  • Clear cache memory
  • Installation of latest updates
  • Boot cleaning
  • Removal of unnecessary devices


  • Know about the use:

The first and for thee, the most method to solve this error is to know about the reason Just like a specter if medicine can cure a particular disease. So, a specific way or solution exact fix cause can solve this error. So, first, you must know which reason is leading to this error.

  • Clear cache memory:

To clear the cache memory of your laptop, you have to follow these rules.

Firstly, Enter into the BIOS version, then

  • First of all startup your windows
  • press your window logo and key C
  • Then go to your settings
  • Click on your PC settings
  • Select general mode
  • Appoint advanced startup
  • Select the Restart button
  • Then appoint troubleshoot
  • Click on Advanced options
  • Select UEFI firmware settings
  • Then select the restart button

By following these steps, your memory will be cache, and you will solve this issue due to memory or corrupt files.

  • Installation of latest updates:

You have to make sure that your windows have installed all the latest updates to fix this issue, and you will make sure that you have turned on your automatic updates.

You must follow these steps to check these updates:

Go to your windows and PC settings. Then click on update and recovery and click on installation the updates automatically. If it is off, turned it on. If you want to check updates, then click recommended updates and then click ok.

How to fix driver IRQL less or not equal error

  • Boot cleaning:

If a recently installed or downloaded system cause this error; then you have to clean your boot to remove the error, diver Irql less or not equal.

For boot cleaning, follow these steps:

  • First of all, start your windows
  • open Run your window
  • click on startup
  • Then appoint selective startup
  • Uncheck all items
  • select hide all Microsoft service
  • Assign disable all
  • Restart windows

After this process, when your windows restart, go to again these processes and select normal startup. Finally, you have fixed these issues.

How to fix driver IRQL less or not equal error

  • Removal of unnecessary devices:

To fix this issue, you have to remove all unneeded tools and then reboots if, check if it works. One of your unnecessary devices accelerated the error to appear, and in this way, you can face this issue.

To fix this, remove all of your unneeded tools such as peripherals and USB memory devices and then restart your laptop. I hope you will fix this.


To high-performance” Driver IRQL less or not equal” is a laptop problem for when you deal with high-performance laptops. Some people don’t touch their laptops except for a technician for this error. If you know about the cause, you can fix it yourself. Otherwise you can seek a technician. Here are the best and easiest methods which I have told you in detail. By studying this and following these rules, you can solve the error of your laptop.

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