Top 7 Cheap Monitors With HDMI Input in 2022

Today we will discuss Cheap Monitors With HDMI Input according to your needs So be with us till the top to the end, let’s start We all know that HDMI is the foremost basic port that we expect from monitors.

From gaming consoles to smartphones, all require an HDMI connection to interface.

However, neither do all folks have the means to afford high-end monitors with HDMI ports nor can we care.

You’ll find a number of budget monitors with the HDMI input out there on this list.

Before we start, allow us to define what ‘cheap ‘here means. For us during this list, cheap means anything but $150 with a minimum of 24″ screen size and 1080p resolution along with a side HDMI port. Additionally, monitors that are very on the brink of the $100 range get priority here.

7 Cheap Monitors With HDMI Input Reviewed

So without further ado, allow us to check out the latest top 7 cheap monitors with HDMI input available within the market.

Just a note, though, you ought to not expect high-end features like Freesync 2 or WQHD resolution from these monitors.

1. HP VH240a – 24 Inch – Affordable Monitors With HDMI Input

If you’re trying to find an inexpensive monitor with HDMI input that’s very on the brink of a $100 tag, you’re in luck.

Not only does this monitor look gorgeous, but it also belongs to at least one of the highest monitor brands in the world.

As far because the current generation of monitors goes, this is often one of the highest-selling and highly reviewed monitors.

It is the sole monitor at this price range that gives an ergonomic stand. Therefore, you’ll tilt it, swivel it, rotate it to portrait mode and adjust its height.

As far because the looks are concerned, this monitor is sort of remarkable for its price.

It offers fairly slim bezels and a beautifully crafted stand that features a very small footprint. The VESA mounting capability allows this monitor to be attached to a wall or dedicated monitor arms.

It, alongside its tag, makes it quite a lucrative deal for multiple monitor setup.

The monitor offers one HDMI port alongside a VGA port. It isn’t much. However, it’s good.

HDMI is often wont to hook up with many devices, whereas the VGA port is often used for interfacing with older computers.

The only major drawback of this monitor is that it’s a comparatively slow reaction time of seven ms making it less ideal for professional gamers. If you’re just an off-the-cuff gamer, you won’t notice much of a difference.

However, for home and paperwork, this is often a gorgeous display with an HDMI port. We highly recommend this monitor together with the simplest cheap monitors with HDMI input.


2. Dell S2419HM – 24 Inch – Jack Of All Trades – Budget Monitors With HDMI Input

Dell S2419H is among the highly recommended cheap monitors with HDMI input since it covers all the market bases, especially for amateur designers and photographers.

The only reason this is often ex-directory as the #1 top pick is that it’s a touch costlier than the remainder of the 24-inch monitors here.

Firstly, this monitor may be a great-looking display. It offers a virtually frameless design with a chic base that features a very small footprint.

As far because the inbuilt sound cares, this monitor has one among the simplest speakers for its size and price category with 2 x 5W speakers. Normally, monitors offer two or 3-watt speakers only.

Besides that, this monitor offers a plethora of features. For editors and designers, this monitor offers a color-rich IPS panel that covers 99% of the sRGB color space.

It also boasts the newest HDR feature that enhances the quantity of color on the screen.

Also, not only does it feature Corning Iris Glass light-guide plate (LGP) for color uniformity and a whopping 600 nits of brightness.

A budget monitor only has 250 nits brightness, whereas premium monitors can go up to 350 nits. Therefore, to possess 600 nits can truly make brighter images tons more vibrant.

Unfortunately, this monitor doesn’t have an Ergonomic stand or VESA mounting capability.

This cheap monitor with HDMI input is just the jack of all trades. Unfortunately, it’s not the most cost-effective option available.

You may even be curious about the list of best Dell monitors with speakers.


3. Sceptre E248W-19203R – 24 Inch – Amazon’s most suitable option – 2 X HDMI 

Although this monitor belongs to a lesser-known brand, if you’ll accept this, there’s nothing cheaper available within the monitor that gives such amazing specs and side 2 x HDMI port.

Having one HDMI port is sweet enough, but having two may be a great blessing.

Since HDMI is such a standard port for interfacing with other devices, you’ll attach two devices to the present monitor at an equivalent time.

You can have your PC connected to at least one and your gaming console to the opposite. you’d switch between even as you’d switch between channels on a TV.

VGA port is important for older systems that don’t feature an HDMI output in the least.

Along with that, it offers a 75 Hz refresh rate. Conventional monitors have a refresh of 60 Hz. The upper 75 Hz refresh not only helps your eyes but is additionally essential for smoother motions.

This monitor also offers speakers, but I wouldn’t expect much from them. they’re great for notifications or infrequent use.

Although this monitor lacks an ergonomic stand, it does have VESA mounting holes. Therefore, you’ll mount this monitor on a wall or dedicated ergonomic monitor arms.

This monitor isn’t the foremost aesthetically appealing monitor within the market; however, it does have thin bezels. This matters for multiple monitor setup.

The reaction time of 5 ms would be a bummer for a few gamers; however, most won’t care about this much.

Plus, 5 ms reaction time is normal for IPS monitors. On the brilliant side, you get to enjoy better color since IPS panels have better colors than TN or VA panels of an equivalent price category.

All in all, if you’ll get past the very fact that this is often a lesser-known brand, then this certainly one among the simplest cheap monitors with HDMI input.


4. Acer KG271 Cbmidpx – 27 Inch – Cheapest Monitor With HDMI

It’s a budget gaming monitor on the surface, but it’s suitable for nearly all environments and scenarios imaginable.

It is a budget display considering the very fact that it’s an outsized 27-inch display and offers 144Hz refresh. The mixture of those two features is usually quite expensive.

At an equivalent time, for a hardcore gamer, nothing is more satisfying than enjoying a game running at 144 frames per second. Of course, to take care of 144 fps, you’ll need comparatively powerful gaming hardware.

The display offers DVI, HDMI, also because of the much-coveted DisplayPort. Thus, this monitor can interface with the majority of the devices out there.

It is often an adaptive sync technology that helps with screen stutter and screen tears. it’s deemed vital when running at high frame rates like 144.

Since this monitor features a TN panel, this monitor offers a 1 ms reaction time.

Itis the fastest reaction time possible for monitors, and it’s an important feature for gamers.

Response time is directly associated with the ghosting effect is often an impact that leaves short-lived artifacts behind fast-paced objects.

Like the remainder of the monitors during this list, this monitor also offers a Blue diffusing screen, which isn’t only great for prolonged gaming sessions, but also prolonged working sessions.

Blue diffusing screen reduces the strain on your eyes.

It also boasts 2x2W stereo speakers and an Audio out port for easily connecting your audio devices.

The only relative drawback of this monitor is that it features the TN panel rather than IPS. TN panels suffer from shorter viewing angles and have inferior colors as compared to an IPS panel.

In any case, if you came here trying to find a rather affordable gaming monitor with outsized 27-inch screen size, then this among the simplest cheap monitors with HDMI input.


5. ViewSonic VA2446MH-LED – Best Monitors With HDMI Input

Take any category you would like; you’ll find Viewsonic leading in terms of performance per dollar value.

This monitor offers just the foremost functional and essential features you may have on a limited budget.

As far as the connectivity cares, that’s quite enough at this price range.

However, this monitor goes beyond that by offering not an IPS or a TN panel but an MVA panel.

The MVA panel offers three times the maximum amount of static contrast ratio than the IPS and TN panel. At an equivalent time, it supports an honest reaction time of 5 ms.

It is perhaps the smallest amount of appealing monitor during this list in terms of design. However, this monitor has garnered excellent reviews from its customers.

If you would like to shop for a reasonable display tried and tested by thousands of consumers, this is often among the highly recommended cheap monitors with HDMI input.


6. Acer R240HY – 24 Inch – Elegant Frameless Monitors With HDMI Input

Here we’ve another monitor by Acer during this list. However, this particular monitor is an ultra-budget monitor with an HDMI port.

It means that its tag is lingering near the $100 price range. that’s quite the discount given the specs that it’s.

Unlike the Acer GF246 mix above, this doesn’t feature a DisplayPort or a 75 Hz refresh rate.

Fortunately, though, it also costs tons less and offers an IPS panel Display. It is often excellent news for those that prefer good colors.

The first thing that you will notice is that this monitor has an impressive design for this price. From its slim bezels on three sides to the tiny circular base, this monitor is great to seem.

This monitor features a vivid IPS panel but not the one that has a slow reaction time. Instead, the IPS panel on this display gives a reasonably fast 4 ms reaction time.

Along with that, it’s all the good connectivity options like HDMI, VGA also as DVI ports.

With an honest-looking design, great features, and an awesome tag, this display might be the winner for a few of you.


7. AOC 27B1H – Recommended 27 Inch

What if you wanted the right 27-inch monitor that’s cheap, great looking, has an HDMI port, and far more. Well, that’s where AOC 27B1H seems to win the day.

If the monitor’s looks haven’t sold you already, you’ll be sold by its specs. It offers an HDMI and a VGA port.

Along with that, it’s a Flicker Free IPS panel that gives vivid colors because of the proprietary AOC ClearVision technology.

These specs could seem a touch lacking compared to a number of the 24-inch monitors listed above within the list; however, know that you simply are becoming a 27-inch monitor at an affordable tag here.

This monitor is Bezel-Less from three sides. It suggests that it’s excellent for multiple monitor display setup.

All in all, if you’re trying to find an inexpensive monitor with HDMI input but at a 27-inch size, then we recommend this.

Are You A Console Gamer?

If you’re a console gamer, then there’s absolutely no got to get an upscale monitor that boasts high refresh rates. That’s because the consoles only support 60 FPS at the most. A better refresh rate would be a waste of cash.

Who Would have an interest in Cheap Monitors With HDMI Input?

For starters, the displays listed here are only cheap in the tag. In terms of performance, they’re fantastic.

In any case, HDMI input is important for not just connecting to graphic cards easily on a PC, but they’re also essential for PS4 and Xbox One connectivity.

Furthermore, unlike VGA and DVI, HDMI carries audio also.

Therefore, HDMI has this added advantage that creates a typical for Audio Video devices starting from gaming consoles to Digital TV devices and smart devices like Google Chromecast.

Moreover, you ought to get such a display because the expensive monitors have functionality that you don’t need.

These monitors also are excellent for complementing your laptop with a further screen. they’re not to be used for professional purposes like photo editing, professional gaming, etc


Here we checked out several cheap monitors with HDMI input that you can find in various sizes.

If you probably did not find what you were trying to find during this list, you to a minimum of getting a really clear idea about what to expect at a budget price range.

In short, for a budget of but $150, you’ll find 22″ – 27-inch monitors. However, the larger you enter terms of screen size, the more you’ll need to sacrifice other essential features.

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