8 Best Cheap Gaming Monitors for Xbox One in 2022

Buying the best Cheap Gaming Monitors for Xbox One isn’t quite the equivalent of buying one for your PC. There are tons of excess features in PC-specific gaming monitors that your Xbox One won’t be ready to use, so paying for them isn’t worthwhile.

When choosing the proper gaming monitors for Xbox One, you’ve got to form sure that it covers only the supported features. You’ll often notice articles listing a bunch of monitors with features that Xbox One cannot even support.

Features like 144Hz refresh rate and Adaptive sync are incompatible with Xbox so buying these will add unnecessary cost. during this article, we’ll have a glance at the simplest cheap gaming monitors for Xbox One also as for Xbox One X and S that only offer the main relevant features. Nothing more and zip less.


List of Cheap Gaming Monitors for Xbox One:


1- HP VH240A – Budget 24 Inch

First up we have a fundamental monitor that gives fairly reasonable specs for its price. it’sIt’s one among the foremost sold monitors of the present generation.it is often a 24 inch IPS monitor that gives almost a frameless display that too with an ergonomic stand.

you want to note that an ergonomic stand i.e a frame that will allow the monitor to tilt, swivel, rotate, and permit height adjustment, on a budget monitor is rare. Furthermore, it offers all the essential connections like HDMI and VGA. In the end, if you would like an inexpensive gaming monitor for Xbox One with a 24-inch screen size, then it doesn’t get any better than this.


2- AOC 27B1H – Budget 27 Inch

AOC is yet one more highly affordable display. If you would like a bigger screen size for a  gaming experience, then 27 inches is that the thanks go. they’re not just good for gaming, but also are great for work and multitasking.

This display also offers an IPS panel with vibrant colors at the widest viewing angles. In short, this monitor is superb for the first Xbox One. it’s neither over the highest nor too lacking in features. It offers compatible HDMI 1.4 and VGA ports. beat all, within the 27-inch category this is often the best cheap gaming monitor for Xbox One.


3- LG 32MP58HQ-P – Budget 32 Inch

If you would like the most critical possible monitor that you can get at a relatively affordable tag, this one takes the lead. you’ll tell how famous this monitor is simply by watching the number of 5-star reviews it. LG monitor costs almost as little as a number of the 24-inch monitors out there yet offers a 32-inch screen size. you’ll use this display as a TV replacement.

you’ll play on this monitor comfortably from a distance also as work thereon efficiently. Note that since this is often a budget 32-inch monitor, it only offers Full HD resolution and not 4K. If you came here trying to find one among the foremost famous 32-inch cheap gaming monitors for Xbox One, this far and away should get on top of your list.


4- BenQ EL2870U – 28 Inch 4K With HDR – Budget Monitor For Xbox One S And Xbox One X

BenQ is a monitor that suitable for Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Recall from earlier that Xbox One X and Xbox One S support 4k viewing with HDR. Therefore, to completely utilize the potential of those gaming consoles, you would like a compatible monitor. the primary within the list is that the BenQ EL2870U.

it is often a 28-inch monitor that gives HDR also as 4K resolution. On top of that, it’s optimized for gaming with a 1 ms reaction time. Faster reaction time is best for competitive gamers since the quicker the reaction time, the lower the ghosting effect.

While this is often costlier than the remainder of the monitor mentioned above, if you came here trying to find one among a budget gaming monitors for Xbox One S and Xbox One X WITH HDR and 4K, then this certainly is sensible.


5- BenQ EW3270U – 32 Inch 4K With HDR – Budget Monitor For Xbox One X

Finally, we’ve one among the most cost-effective monitors with 4K and HDR with a 32-inch display. it is often basically the larger cousin of the BenQ EL2870U we saw above. This monitor is quite expensive and it’s more fitted to the Xbox One X gamers.

If you would like to utilize the Xbox One X facility to its full potential and obtain the utmost gaming benefit, you would like an outsized and cozy 32-inch 4k monitor. Sure, this may be overkill for many, however, believe me, once I tell you, it doesn’t offer much fluff.

It only provides the main useful features that you will utilize on your Xbox One X. beat, if you’re looking among the 32-inch cheap gaming monitors for Xbox One X then this checks all the boxes. AGAIN, “cheap” may be a relative term here. If you get a mere HP VH240A for Xbox One X, then the whole point of the Xbox One X would be lost.


6- ASUS Pro Art Display PA278QV

The best budget gaming monitor for the Xbox One that we’ve tested thus far is that the ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV. it is a 27-inch monitor that’s intended for creative professionals; however, its impressive performance makes it an excellent gaming monitor. it’s a 1440p IPS panel with wide viewing angles, it handles reflections well, and it gets bright enough to combat glare even within the most colorful settings.

The stand allows for all manner of adjustments, with a powerful 180-degree swivel range. reaction time is excellent, which ends up in just a short blur trail behind fast-moving objects, and it’s a native 75Hz refresh rate that creates motion look slightly smoother than your typical 60Hz panel. It supports the FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) to scale back screen tearing, and it’s compatible with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC.

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There’s an optional Black Frame Insertion feature that will improve motion clarity, but it cannot be used at an equivalent time as VRR. the most downside is that the lack of HDR support and it is also less suitable for darkroom gaming thanks to its low contrast ratio, which is typical for an IPS panel.

On the upside, it’s good out-of-the-box color accuracy, four USB 3.0 ports, and its integrated speakers are often wont to play audio from an external device. If you are looking for the most straightforward monitor for Xbox One X, this is often a well-rounded, versatile, and budget-friendly option that’s easy to recommend.


7- Acer Nitro XV273: Cheap Gaming Monitors for Xbox One

The best gaming monitor for Xbox One is that the Acer Nitro XV273X. it is an excellent overall monitor with excellent gaming performance, and albeit the 1080p resolution is limiting for other uses, it’s perfect for Xbox One gaming. it’s a 240Hz refresh rate, and it’s native FreeSync support. When twiddling with a 60Hz refresh rate, the motion looks exceptionally clear as this monitor has a fantastic reaction time.

albeit there are other monitors with a lower input lag at 60Hz than this one, it’s still incredibly soft and better than most TVs, supplying you with a responsive gaming experience. the image quality is sweet, despite the low resolution, because it has remarkable out-of-the-box color accuracy, wide viewing angles, and excellent peak brightness. If your game during a bright room, it’s decent reflection handling.

Unfortunately, it’s a coffee contrast ratio typical for a monitor with an IPS panel. It supports HDR10, but it doesn’t display a good color gamut for that mode, so HDR gaming isn’t anything special. Luckily, it’s built-in speakers and a USB hub to charge your devices. Overall, this is often the most straightforward monitor for Xbox One X that we’ve tested.


8- LG 27UK650-W

The best cheap gaming monitor for Xbox One X is that the LG 27UK650-W. it’s good all-around performance and includes great gaming features packed into a trendy, modern design. it’s an outsized 27-inch screen and 4k resolution to deliver an immersive gaming experience, and its wide viewing angles make it an excellent option for co-op gaming.

It gets bright enough to be used in most rooms, but it’s going to struggle a touch in very bright settings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t perform well in dark places, because it features a low contrast ratio and sub-par black uniformity. This monitor’s refresh rate is restricted to 60Hz, but this shouldn’t a problem if you’re only gaming on the Xbox One X.

it’s a quick reaction time that leads to minimal motion blur, and native FreeSync support to scale back screen tearing. Input lag is extremely low and remains low even when twiddling with VRR or HDR enabled. As for its HDR performance, sadly, it can’t display a good color gamut, and it doesn’t get bright enough to form highlights pop, so HDR content doesn’t look much different from SDR content.

There aren’t many extra features on this monitor. you are doing get a black stabilizer feature which will make objects more visible in dark scenes and an upscaling component to form lower resolution content look better. The backlight is flicker-free, which is great for reducing eye strain during long gaming sessions. Overall, it is a good, versatile monitor that ought to satisfy most people.


What to seem for during a Gaming Monitor for Xbox One (Buyer’s Guide)

Monitor vs TV

There might sound to be almost zero reasons to choose a gaming monitor over a TV if you’re a daily Xbox One user. After all, TVs tend to possess larger screens, better speakers, more connectivity options, and more functions. However, an honest monitor that will cost a fraction of a high-end 4K TV offers similar performance while adding tons more.

Additionally, monitors tend to be better for those who wish to play video games on the brink of the screen, something you can’t accomplish without serious eye-strain while gaming on a TV. Many eSports competitive gamers use monitors rather than TVs when running their computer game consoles for this very reason.

A smaller screen designed to be sat closer to gives improves concentration and immersion and monitors often tend to supply a faster reaction time than TVs. OLED TVs have a more significant reaction time, but they need substantial burn-in risks and are therefore not ideal for extended gaming sessions.

Your Xbox One Model and determination

The single most vital thing about choosing your gaming monitor for Xbox One will be which Xbox One you’ve got. Users of the regular Xbox One and even the Xbox One S won’t enjoy a 4K monitor, but those proud owners of the Xbox One X would want to extract all its power to run all compatible games at 4K resolution and 60fps.

If you own an Xbox One X, we recommend taking the 4K route and getting yourself an excellent 4K monitor with HDR for the simplest eye-candy possible.

For Xbox One and Xbox One S users, we recommend 1080p monitors instead. While the Xbox One S can upscale videos and certain games to 4K, it’s not worthwhile because the visual improvement through upscaling is no match for actual 4K content.

Importance of Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is significant in gaming monitors for PC gamers because powerful PCs can run videogames well beyond the quality 60fps range. When the framerate of your videogame outpaces the monitor’s refresh rate, screen tearing can occur and may end in generally choppy and inconsistent visual output.

to deal with this, many modern gaming monitors accompany very high refresh rates. It is often argued that the fashionable standard refresh rate for gaming monitors is 144Hz. While you’ll undoubtedly run a 144Hz gaming monitor with any Xbox One console, there’s no point paying exorbitantly for features you’ll never use.

it is often because the Xbox One X has framerates locked at 60fps, meaning albeit you choose a 144Hz monitor, you won’t be ready to utilize the refresh speed properly. Some games will look slightly smoother, sure, but the crazy price you’ve got to pay isn’t worthwhile. For this reason, we’ve limited our selection to panels that have a 60Hz refresh rate. it is often cost-effective, pertinent, and serves the needs correctly.

Panel Type

Gaming monitors are available in various panel technologies, but TN, VA, and IPS panels are the foremost common. TN panels offer the fastest response times, but they need inferior viewing angles and therefore the colors are often washed out.

VA panels fall in between TN panels and IPS panels, offering more accurate color images. However, they need abysmal response times, and that’s why you’ll rarely see them in proper gaming monitors. IPS panels are the fashionable standard.

Although they don’t quite have an equivalent reaction time as TN panels, they provide more vivid colors and excellent viewing angles. Additionally, IPS technology has improved massively, and response times as low as 4ms are commonly found. For Xbox One consoles, we recommend a gaming monitor with an IPS panel.


Here we checked out budget gaming monitors for Xbox One also as for Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Basically; we only checked out the monitors that provide the main relevant features. intrinsically we disregarded features sort of faster than 60Hz refresh rate. Besides that, we tried to list monitors from various size categories. If you wish to take a seat upon your gaming screen’s brink, you’ll like the 24-inch monitors. However, if you want to stay a long way, then 32-inch monitors would do great.

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