Top 5 Cheap Gaming Monitor Under 100 USD in 2022

Let us face Cheap Gaming Monitor Under 100 USD, So any device that’s built for Gaming is usually quite expensive. It is because it tends to supply technologies that conventional devices lack.

The same is the case with monitors. Although most gaming monitors are expensive, there is a cheap gaming monitor under $100!

Albeit, you’ve got to understand that you get what you buy.

These monitors are great for casual Gaming but stay clear if you’re a knowledgeable gamer.

It should be mentioned here that despite these monitors being cheap, they’re still much better than their conventional counterparts.

Therefore, therein regard these are displays that squeeze the maximum ValueValue out of your dollar. Cheap Gaming Monitor Under 100 USD.

As such, here we’ll attempt to determine the proper cheap gaming monitor under $100 for you.

5 Best Cheap Gaming Monitors Under 100 USD Reviewed

Here we have short reviews for sizes of 21.5″ – 24″. Allow us to have a glance at what they boast.


1. Acer R240HY Bidx – 24″ 

This monitor is slightly costlier than the $100 base level. However, if you’ll balance your budget a touch, you’ll get your hands on this trade book.

Also, note that, at the time, this monitor is out there at an excellent discount. Plus, if you select to travel for its certified refurbished model, you’ll save even more.

We highly recommend this, and this is often our top pick for this list. This a superb all-rounder monitor that gives an outsized 24-inch screen with an FHD resolution.

For starters, this monitor looks stunning. It is often a literally bezel less monitor that has a very small footprint.

Secondly, this is often a budget 24-inch monitor equipped with an IPS panel that features a decent reaction time of 4 ms. IPS, as we all know, are the attend meetings for those that seek great color fidelity and uniformity across the screen.

A video review do you have to assist you in understanding this monitor a touch better.


2. Acer Nitro VG220Q Bmiix – 21.5″ – Latest And Greatest Cheap Gaming Monitor

For those of you who are into Gaming, Nitro is the Acer name for specialized gaming devices. It is often almost like ROG by ASUS.

Firstly, this monitor is slightly costlier than the $100 range. However, if you’ll save a touch, then you’ll get this awesome full-fledged gaming monitor.

The looks are exquisite. Nothing during this list comes on the brink of the eyes that this monitor offers. If you would like to game with style, then the attention candy this display offers would most certainly interest you.

With the slim bezels, you’ll also attach multiple monitors for a dual or triple display setup.

The best thing about this monitor is that not only does it offer an IPS panel, it also provides 1 ms reaction time. Normally, IPS panel monitors don’t offer 1 ms reaction time in the least. The simplest that they tend to supply is 4-5 ms.

Therefore, this configuration is sort of unique. The crown of 1 ms reaction time was previously held by TN panel, which had inferior color quality.

IPS panels’ advantage is that they provide the simplest color reproduction compared to TN and VA panels. Furthermore, they also offer the widest viewing angles. Therefore, the colors across the screen are uniform and pleasant to the eyes.

Other than that, it offers AMD FreeSync technology also as a quick refresh rate of 75 Hz. 75 Hz means you’ll play games at 75 frames per second if your hardware can support such a frame rate.

Although this isn’t as great as a 144 Hz refresh rate, it’s still a good improvement over the standard 60 Hz refresh rate.

As far as quality goes, this is often the simplest among the cheaper gaming monitor under $100.


3. Sceptre E225W-19203R – 22″ – Cheapest Gaming Monitor

If you’re trying to find absolutely the cheapest monitor suitable for Gaming, then you ought to highly consider this.

Although it belongs to a lesser-known brand, it’s garnered excellent reviews and has been loved by its customers.

Although the 22-inch screen size is smaller than the quality of 24 inches for gaming monitors, if you’re getting to be seated on the brink of the display, it wouldn’t matter much.

The looks aren’t something that you would be pleased with, but they’re simply functional.

The round base looks bland but features a pretty small footprint, allowing larger space on your desk.

Furthermore, it also offers fairly slim bezels that look great and make it suitable for multiple monitor setup.

It also offers a 75 Hz refresh rate, which is above the conventional 60 Hz refresh rate. A better refresh rate means it can support a higher frame rate. A better frame rate means the motion on your monitor is going to be smoother.

Unfortunately, this monitor doesn’t offer an adaptive sync feature like AMD FreeSync. Therefore, you’ll notice screen tear or screen stutter or very high or very low frame rates.

VESA mounting capability is additionally included. Do you have to got to mount this monitor on a wall or dedicated arms?

Also, the inbuilt speakers should further assist you in budget management and save you from investing in speakers.

This monitor stands call in the connectivity department by offering not one but two HDMI ports also as a VGA port. The two HDMI ports may be a highly coveted feature since they easily attach more media devices.

If you’re trying to find an inexpensive gaming monitor under $100, then it cannot get any cheaper than this.


4. Acer KG221Q – 21.5″ – Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Under $100

If you’re adamant about getting a monitor under $100, then this might rather be it.

Again, just like the previous monitor, this doesn’t have the quality 24-inch size that gamer chooses at the minimum.

However, this is often the sole monitor that gives adaptive AMD FreeSync at under $100.

AMD FreeSync may be a feature for reducing the screen tear and screen stutter that happens when there’s de-synchronization between the screen’s refresh rate and, therefore, the frame rate of the hardware.

As far because the looks are concerned, this is often a gaming monitor from every angle. Everything about this monitor is centered around Gaming, from its design and form factor to the interior specs.

There is one flaw with the planning, though. Like all TN panel monitors, this also suffers from large bezels.

It not only makes it less aesthetically appealing but also makes it less suitable for multiple monitor setup. As far because of the resolution and reaction time is concerned, this monitor is superb.

You should also note that although the TN panel offers great reaction time, it doesn’t have as great colors because of the IPS panel.

You may even be delighted to understand that this offers an inbuilt speaker, albeit they’re a number of the weakest among monitors.

If you came here trying to find a well-rounded option with AMD FreeSync, this is often the simplest cheap gaming monitor under $100.


5. Sceptre E249W-19203R – 24″

Is the sole 24-inch monitor during this list of cheap gaming monitors under $100 that’s truly closest to the $100 tag? We recommend this monitor for those that are seeking the most cost-effective possible 24-inch monitor.

When it involves Gaming, 24 inches is seen as decent screen size. It ‘sIt’s one of the foremost versatile screen sizes. It is often used for work, entertainment also as Gaming comfortably. Therefore, for many of you, this could suffice.

Another great aspect of Sceptre E249W-19203R is that it offers dual HDMI ports and a VGA port. Many gamers actively seek dual HDMI ports for connecting their PC also as their gaming consoles at an equivalent time.

Furthermore, this monitor offers 75 Hz refresh rates. It could allow you to possess a smoother gaming experience also help your eyes.


What Makes A Monitor deserve Gaming?

There are many sorts of monitors out there. Some are great for the office; others are great for editing and designing.

Each one of those has different subcategories. For instance, some are great for spreadsheets, while others are great for workstations.

Similarly, you’ll find some designing monitors more suitable for photo editing, while others are more suitable for cutting.

Top 5 Best Bezel Less Monitors

Each of those monitor categories has a couple of enhanced features that separate them from the others.

For a gaming monitor, especially for an inexpensive gaming monitor under $100, the subsequent are the main important features that will make a big difference in gameplay: resolution, refresh rate, reaction time, input lag, and form factor.

The panel type is also a crucial consideration; however, there’s no hard and fast rule for gamers. For instance, designers would nearly always prefer IPS panels over the other. Likewise, a gamer may have a selected taste:

A gamer who loves colors and works on photo editing software would want to possess an IPS screen.

On the opposite hand, a gamer who prefers to squeeze out every competitive edge possible would like to travel for TN panel monitors.

Typical Features Of A Gaming Monitor

In the end, a typical gaming monitor has the following specs. The cheaper gaming monitor under $100 MAYOR might not have them.

  • Screen Size: 24 – 27 inch
  • Resolution: Typically QHD
  • Panel Type: Typically TN, but enthusiasts may prefer IPS
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Refresh rate: a minimum of 144 Hz
  • Design: Slim Bezels preferable for multiple monitor setup, Curve also preferable for better immersion.
  • Low Input Lag: Though it’s never specified
  • Adaptive Sync: AMD FreeSync or Nvidia GSync – At the budget range, you’ll mostly find AMD FreeSync
  • Specific Features like gaming modes and black color equalizer

These are a number of the features that a typical gaming monitor has.

Unfortunately, you can’t find all of those specs on a budget of but $100. However, you’ll use this list as a benchmark for the monitor you choose.


Gaming Monitor Features At This Price Point

Before we start, allow us first to check out the features you can expect from this list. It may prevent a while and also offer you thought about the way to balance your budget.

Features you’ll Expect At This Price Range.

Here are a number of the items you’ll expect.

Screen Size

As mentioned earlier, you’ll expect a screen size of but 24″ if you would like to stay absolutely under the $100 range. However, if you’re willing to abandon a touch extra, you’ll easily get a 24-inch screen.

Panel Type

You can expect to seek out the monitor with both IPS and TN panels.

IPS panels have great color reproduction and produce vivid details. They even have the widest viewing angles and best color uniformity. Unfortunately, they suffer from the slowest response times.

TN panels, on the opposite hand, offer the fastest reaction time but offer inferior colors and viewing angles.

Response Time

Depending on the panel type, you’ll expect some monitors to possess as low as 1 ms reaction time.

A faster reaction time reduces the ghosting effect. This unwanted effect produces artifacts on moving objects on the screens.

Refresh Rate

Most monitors at this price point offer a 60 Hz refresh rate. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular to seek out monitors with a 75 Hz refresh rate.

The refresh rate is the measure of what percentage times the screen refreshes itself during a second.

The faster the refresh rate, the more frame per second it can support. In turn, a higher frame rate produces a smoother gaming experience.

A 75 Hz refresh rate is additionally good for your eyes. It puts less strain on them.

Motion Blur


Full HD, nothing more and zip less.


Options for connectivity are often quite varied. you’ll expect VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports here.

Surprisingly, you’ll also find monitors with 2 HDMI ports during this price range.

Adaptive Sync

Only a couple of select monitors offer AMD FreeSync technology. you’ll get to have an AMD Graphics card to utilize this feature. Unfortunately, none offer Nvidia G Sync. Therefore, if you’ve got an NVIDIA graphics card, you’ll have a tough time finding a monitor with supported adaptive sync.


You can find some relatively good looking monitors with very slim bezels; however, the design shouldn’t be the most concern at this price point. If you are going to encounter a monitor that appears great, consider that as a bonus.

When it involves monitors of this price range, you need to sacrifice one feature over another. Therefore, prioritizing what you would like during a display will help here.

Of course, once you purchase a monitor at this price range, you want to remember that they’re not fitted to professional work like photo editing or maybe professional-level Gaming.



Here we checked out the simplest cheap gaming monitors under $100. you’ll find monitors with varying configuration.

Some offer TN panels; others offer IPS. The majority of the monitors under $100 are 21.5″ in size. For twenty-four inch, you’ll need to ease abreast of your budget constraints slightly.

With that said, we recommend a cheap gaming monitor under $100 is Acer Nitro VG220Q mix. We believe it offers an entire package for gaming monitors at a budget.

Secondly, if you would like an outsized 24-inch monitor, we recommend inspecting Acer R240HY.

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