7 Best VR Headsets For VRchat in 2022 [Top Picks]

Are you going to buy a VR Headset? In this article, I’ll tell you about the best VR headsets for VRchat. A virtual reality headset is designed for the head in order to provide virtual reality to the wearer. We will also provide you authentic information about the VR headset. We will give the Buyers Guide for buying the best VRchat headset for yourself.

I’ll discuss VR Chat technology and the cool features of VR headsets. We will tell you the important factors that will help you in buying the VR headset. If you buy the right VR headset for yourself then you will get so many benefits. We will tell you the best brands of VR headsets. These brands are not so expensive but they have good quality.

We are very keen that you don’t want to go for any low-quality VR headset and then regret it. We tell you which brand is best for you. You should not buy a VR HEADSET by just examining the features. See the design, limitations, and read the pros and cons of VR HEADSET. We will give you a detailed insight into the product information which will be helpful for you. We also tell you the feature of VR HEADSET and then you decide you have to buy or not.


7 Best VR Headsets For VRchat

Compare all of the VR HEADSET and then decide. You can also relate these VR headsets with each other and then decide. Keep on reading the following article, to give knowledge about these devices to yourself.


1. Samsung HMD Odyssey

This VR headset is brilliant and made up for VRchat. They have some cool and awesome features. Its display is the best. Now you can enjoy everything because it has an awesome display. The details of the display are VR HEADSET CONTAIN 3K anti-side AMOLED display (2880×1600) with a wide 1100 field of view.

This VR HEADSET has a direct full-array backlight which is quite awesome. This VR HEADSET has the Concentrated department of Precision Controlled, led off this VR HEADSET is automatic. It is on auto Adjust mode, it adjusts Pure Whites and Ultra-Deep Blacks. This VR HEADSET shows you hidden details in even the Darkest and scary scenes.

This VR headset also gives access to Windows store and movie streaming libraries for thousands of games & movies. So you will not feel boring when you will use this device that’s why the company gives these options.

This VR HEADSET contains good quality, built-in AKG headphones w/360O spatial Sound and Mic. The company tries that the sound you heard is of good quality. Also the quality of the mic very high so when you chat you conveyed your message. Both thing headphone and mic have awesome quality.

The headset quality is very excellent. These VR headsets contain an adjustable headbands, now 10% more lighter with improved comfortable things. You will not feel any problem when you will wear a VR headset and your experience will be excellent.


  • This VR headset is good for beginners
  • It is affordable in price


  • Some customers have an issue with the battery
  • The other drawback of this VR HEADSET is the case does not come with VR HEADSET




The display of this VR HEADSET is awesome you can found detail about the display in our article. It contains double-OLED displays with a quality resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels. You can enjoy the unparalleled visual fidelity of graphics, text, and textures with this VR HEADSET.

The headphone of this VR HEADSET is awesome. These VR headsets contain high impedance headphones, which produced 3D spatial sound. This headset has an active noise cancellation feature for an unmatched experience. Now you don’t have distractions from real-world noise.

The company sets the dimensions of the headset beautifully. weight distribution on the whole headset equally you don’t feel heavy object on your head. You can easily on and off the headset. You can adjust this headset easily even on your glasses. The company claim that it is a masterpiece you can use it without any hurdle.

Now you can expand business use cases by adding a real-life project. You can add VIVE Tracker bringing your projects into your virtual console. This VR HEADSET is Ideal for motion purposes, the auto industry, the aerospace industry, or heavy equipment simulation.

You can also enjoy so many offers when you buy this VR HEADSET. You can get 2 months of unlimited VR games and apps. The company gives the code in the box for availing of this offer. We recommend the VR HEADSET because it has so many features.


  • You can easily set up this VR HEADSET
  • It has a built-in sensor


  • It is expensive
  • It has an average battery life



3. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

This VR HEADSET has little, big screen as compared to another headset in the market. You can enjoy the crystal clear display. this VR HEADSET has outstanding graphics which make your headset feel more like a personal cinema. You will enjoy at your best when you will buy this VR HEADSET.

Now you can watch movies with your friends. You also put Meet up in VR HEADSET with your friends and fans. You can also catch live sports from all around the world. You can enjoy concerts on this VR HEADSET. Now you don’t need to sit in front of the TV and watch football games. This VR HEADSET also has this facility.

You can easily set up this VR HEADSET. This VR HEADSET is ready when you are ready. This VR HEADSET is a portable, all-in-one VR. Now you don’t face the issue of wires, pc, and monitors. You can live to hurdle free life if you have this VR HEADSET.

This VR HEADSET has effortless control. Whether you want to switch on your favorite shows or playing games. This VR HEADSET is best for VR chat you easily chat on this VR HEADSET.

This VR HEADSET has top-quality sound. Special audio drivers are built inside the headset. This VR headset providing good quality and immersive sound without the heavy tangled headphones. This VR HEADSET has a 3.5 mm headphone jack which provides you good sound.


  • The display of this headset is awesome
  • The setup of this VR HEADSET is very easy


  • It is very costly




The company provides a stand with the VR HEADSET. Now you can use this headset in standing position. You can also use this VR HEADSET when you are in a sitting position. Use this headset the way you want. This VR HEADSET has Steam VR Tracking which provides the most ideal experience. So use this VR HEADSET in such a way that works for you.

This VR HEADSET provides realistic movement and actions. It has a 360-degree movement controller and headset it provides you realistic graphics. It contains a good quality audio system which is important in the virtual world.

Now you can enjoy approximately 1500 games that cover all categories. You can enjoy everything in this VR HEADSET including games movies sports and concerts. So this VR HEADSET is your best partner in the entertainment world.

This device contains a chaperone system that warns you when you reach your limit. So it is safer when it comes to health. This VR HEADSET contains a front-facing camera that gives you real images. This company claim that they fulfill all your needs.

For VR chat this VR HEADSET is awesome. This VR HEADSET has contained all thing that is important for VR chat.

This VR HEADSET contains an immersive, cinematic VR video player. This video player plays 3D, 180, and 360-degree videos. But the good thing is that this video player is free on VIVEPORT


  • The availability is great
  • The price is also very affordable
  • It has Room-scale motion tracking


  • Some users complain about the battery
  • This VR HEADSET contain no built-in headphone



5. Oculus Rift VR HEADSET

This VR HEADSET has one very cool feature. One of the best features is the Riftʼs ultra-low-latency tracking system which offers you unparalleled immersion. This feature is in very demand. You enjoy it when you use this VR HEADSET because it contains all things for entertainment.

The best thing about this VR HEADSET Oculus Touch controller brings your hands into VR. allow you to interact with the virtual world naturally. This feature is also in demand for a long time.

The specifications of this VR HEADSET are NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470. The ram of this VR HEADSET is 8 GB. The specifications of this VR HEADSET are very good.

This VR HEADSET contains windows 10 which again is a very cool feature and contains top-quality sound. Special audio drivers are built inside the headset. This VR headset providing good quality and demanding sound without the heavy objected headphones. This VR HEADSET has a 3.5 mm headphone jack which provides you good quality sound.

Many people complain about the touch and control of the VR HEADSET. The touch and control of this VR HEADSET are amazing very accurate. You can use this VR HEADSET without any hurdle.

For VR chat this VR HEADSET is amazing. It contains all object which makes your VR chat amazing and attractive.


  • It contains full motion tracking
  • This VR HEADSET has built-in headphones with HD quality audio


  • One drawback of this VR HEADSET is the gaming area is very smaller



6. Homido Grab Virtual Reality Headset

This VR HEADSET is compatible with all smartphones. The  Screen size varies between 4 to 5.7 inches such as Samsung Galaxy S7 edge/Galaxy S6 S5 S4, SAMSUNG NOTE ⅞, Apple iPhone 7S,7 7 plus, 6 plus, 6S 5C 5S; LG/Sony Xperia/Nexus/HUAWEI/HTC/ ASUS, etc. The length of the smartphone is 160 mm and max-width is 80 mm)

This VR HEADSET has a capacitive button to interact with VR games, VR apps, VR content. You can easily control all the actions through this button.

This VR HEADSET is ideal for viewing short movies, playing video games, or this VR chat. This VR HEADSET stream is totally on the next level. This VR HEADSET contains VR Player for 360 videos. Which means the application allows user to browse through videos without removing VR HEADSET.

This VR HEADSET is perfect for the VR chat you can chat with your friends and family member on this. It has a long battery life so once you started you chat for hours.


  • The battery life is amazing
  • It is compatible with all smartphones


  • It takes little time for charging



We told you each and everything about the VR HEADSET. At the starting of our article, we gave you the features of the good quality of the VR HEADSET. We also have you the sub-features of VR HEADSET including viewing box, audio, and material. We also tell you how you choose the good VR HEADSET. And in the 2nd half, we gave you all brands of VR HEADSET.

In the brands, we tell you each and everything about the brands including their features the pros and cons.

Now, we hope you will not feel any hurdle at the time of buying the VR HEADSET. Because we also told you the way how can you buy and which things you should keep in your mind at the time of buying the VR HEADSET.

Our team saw more than 50 plus brands and then shortlisted these brands. We saw each and everything including performance, price, and availability. Then we put these brands in our article to help you. Now you have to do one thing. Just read our article and keep your requirements in your mind and buy it. We hope you will not confuse at the time of buying VR HEADSET. Thanks for reading.

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