6 Best VR Headset for Watching Movies in 2022

The first time when I watch a movie on a VR headset. I was stunned by what I saw. I felt like vEn diesel in Minority Report and thought to myself. This is the future of how people watch movies. We are at the door of a new revolution. All dimensions are changed so watching movies in old fashion is change. Now we watch movies and consume content on the Internet is change. Best VR Headset for watching movies.

In this article, we will give the 6 best VR Headset for watching movies. By using that VR HEADSET you find feeling cinema-like experience in your home. By the end of this article. The information we give you. You are able which VR headset you should buy for watching VR movies. It is also in your budget. The tech specifications will enhance your overall movie viewing experience.

We will discuss brands one by one. We will discuss the features of the brands. We also discuss the pros and cons of these brands. In short, we give you complete information about these brands. In the end, you can decide which brand you have to buy. So let’s start our brands.

Top 6 Best VR Headset for Watching Movies in 2020


1. GOOVIS Pro VR Headset 3D Theater Goggles

You watch Blue-ray 3D movies on this VR HEADSET. This VR HEADSET supports the latest image enhancement algorithm the benefit of this feature is it perfectly supports Blu-ray video. The supporting details of this VR HEADSET are H265 up to [email protected]. It supports H264, up to [email protected]. It supports the Side-by-Side view. It also supports 3D and Top to Bottom view. One more feature of this VR HEADSET is it has  Sony customized OLED Micro-display. It providing 3147PPI and 113% SRGB color super fine quality when you watching movies.

If you watching Watch movies or videos online through Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and youtube. This VR HEADSET  comes with 32 GB of internal storage. You also put an external 256 GB of the memory card in this VR HEADSET. This VR HEADSET allows you to upload and download your favorite movies. This VR HEADSET is equipped with HD display. You also connect intelligent devices with this VR HEADSET because it has an HDMI feature. You also connect PS4, Xbox, Drone flying, 4D set, PC, Goovis controller box, smartphones with this VR HEADSET.

This VR HEADSET meets the requirements of different eyesight. The impressive design can effectively eliminate the glare which is caused by the sudden light reflected from the screen.

You can lift the headset easily without taking off it during watching movies. This VR HEADSET has the touchpad function, you can use the control box as a mouse.


  • This VR HEADSET has a sharp screen and overall smooth display with minimal juddering
  • The weight of VR HEADSET is very light you don’t feel heavy object on your head


  • Some users complain Bluetooth does not support WF-1000XM3


2. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset:

This VR HEADSET has little, big screen. This VR HEADSET gives you Crystal clear display. This VR HEADSET has the state of the art 3D graphics system. The benefits of this feature are it gives you a feeling of personal theater. You will enjoy it when you watching movies on it.

Now you can watch movies with your friends on this VR HEADSET. You can  Meet up in this  VR with friends and fans from around the globe. You watch live sports action, concerts, or just your favorite TV show on VR HEADSET.

This VR HEADSET is Ready when you are ready because this is portable. You experience a portable feeling in this VR HEADSET. That means no tension of PC, phone, wires.

This VR HEADSET has effortless control. Whether it’s moving to your favorite shows or watching your favorite movies. The easy controller makes things easy.

This VR HEADSET has Built-In Audio. You feel like you surrounded by sound. Spatial audio drivers are installed into the headset. The benefits of this feature providing dramatic, immersive sound when you watching movies. You can find beautiful sound without the bulky headphones. This VR HEADSET also has a 3.5 mm audio jack.


  • The resolution of this VR HEADSET is very impressive
  • You feel very comfortable when you use it


  • The battery life of this VR HEADSET is not good


3. Lenovo Mirage Solo:

Now you can Stay away from expensive phones, expensive PCs and cumbersome cables. Because now you can experience awesome VR–without the extra burden. This VR HEADSET has a World sense of technology. The benefit of this feature you can move naturally and explore your virtual world. You can also enjoy your movies on this VR HEADSET.

This VR HEADSET is engineered in such a way that it is so comfortable. This VR HEADSET is coated with breathable material. It has thick padding which is adjustable to your measurements. This VR HEADSET has a sports look that looks like to be worn. This VR has never been so appealing. You will enjoy watching movies because it has an outstanding display.

This VR HEADSET is equipped by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This VR HEADSET delivers high-quality, immersive VR experiences when you watching movies. This VR HEADSET has the ability of 6 degrees of the freedom movement. It has 3D audio and 4K visuals when you watching movies or videos.

This VR HEADSET gives you Daydream. This VR HEADSET gives you hundreds of outstanding experiences at your fingertips. You also enjoy movies on YouTube, Netflix, and much more on this VR HEADSET. Now you access a whole new library of latest and old movies. This VR HEADSET allows you to move about and interact with your environment.


  • This VR HEADSET has Long battery life.
  • This VR HEADSET has Best possible screen resolution and pixel


  • This VR HEADSET hasNon user-replaceable batteries
  • It is a little bit heavy


4. Samsung Gear VR:

This VR HEADSET transported you to amazing new worlds of games, movies, and images. You will find a 360° experience with this VR HEADSET. The Weight is 0.76lbs which is very light and you don’t feel uncomfortable during watching movies.

This VR HEADSET has some intuitive controller that comes in the box. You can select and Drag the object with a movement of your wrist. The company makes this VR HEADSET very convenient. Companies keep one thing in their mind that you don’t feel any hurdle.

Now you can enjoy hundreds to thousands of movies on YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Stream your favorite categories in the movies and you will find real cinematic experience. You can enjoy a lot with this VR HEADSET.

Now you can connect this VR HEADSET with Note8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9; and Micro USB models. You also connect this VR HEADSET with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+.

Now you can enjoy the touchpad to move to the next or previous item. Press the home key to return to the  Home option. You can also press the back key to return to the previous screen.


  • The resolution of this VR HEADSET is awesome
  • The battery is great


  • This VR HEADSET is not compatible wi galaxy j7


5. HTC VIVE Pro:

The display of this VR HEADSET is excellent. you can found details about the display in our article. This VR HEADSET  has double-OLED displays with a quality resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels. Now you can enjoy unmatched visual fidelity of graphics, text, and textures with this VR HEADSET.

The company set the standard of the headset elegantly. The company sets the weight distribution on the whole headset equally. You don’t feel heavy objects on your head when you watching movies. You can easily on and off the headset. You can adjust this headset easily even if you use glasses. The company claim that it is their best product. you can use it without any hurdle.

The headphone of this VR HEADSET is unparalleled. These VR headsets contain high-quality headphones, which produced 3D spatial sound. This headset has an auto noise cancellation feature for an unparalleled experience. Now you don’t have disturbance from real-world noise.

You can also avail of so many offers when you buy this VR HEADSET. You can get 2 months of access to unlimited VR games and apps. The company gives the promo code in the box for taking this offer. We recommend the VR HEADSET because it has so many qualities. You can enjoy it when you watching movies.

Now you can expand business use cases by adding a real-life project. You can add  VIVE Tracker bringing your projects into your virtual console. This VR HEADSET is Ideal for motion purpose, auto industry, aerospace industry, or heavy equipment simulation.


  • You can easily set up this VR HEADSET
  • It has a built-in sensor


  • It is expensive
  • It has an average battery life


6. Pansonite Vr Headset:

The VR HEADSET features HD resin aspherical lens which is updated to give you more smooth and incredible viewing experience. The benefit of this lens it can completely remove the feeling of vertigo. The lens performed outstandingly and provide you high-resolution imaging when you watch the movies. The VR HEADSET has anti-fatigue technology through this technology you can effectively prevent eye fatigue.

The VR HEADSET has less volume and lightweight the benefit of lightweight is you don’t feel any heavy object on your head and it gives you so much comfort while you watching movies.

The company offers a comfort-fit experience when you use this VR HEADSET. Because it is loaded with soft and breathable leather padding. It contains three fully adjustable head strap which provides grip when you using it. It also features a super-soft face foam protector which doesn’t put pressure and providing more comfort during use.

The VR HEADSET has a removable front cover which helps heat absorption and keeps you cool while you watching movies. All these factors keep the headset on top of the race. These factors make it very popular in all consumers


  • The internal headphones are very qualitative
  • The battery life of this HEADSET is very long-lasting


  • The building materials are not good



In our article, we tell you each and everything about the VR HEADSET. At the starting of our article, we tell you the features of the standard quality of VR HEADSET. We also tell the sub-features of VR HEADSET including viewing box, audio, and material. We also tell you how you choose the good VR HEADSET. And in the 2nd part, we tell you all brands of VR HEADSET.

In the brand section, we tell you each and everything about the brands. We tell you their features pros and cons. Now you do one thing just read our article and keep your requirements in your mind and buy it. We hope you don’t confuse when you buy VR HEADSET.

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