5 Best VR Headset for Beat Saber in 2022

If you go back in the time of the 1990s and start thinking about virtual reality. The thing quickly comes in your mind that the term VR could like anything from a Lawnmower Man simulation system to a 3D model on a computer display. Things went change and simple since then. Now everybody wants advancement in technology. Now everybody wants to see the thing that they see inside a VR headset. Unfortunately, the rule is that all headsets are nearly equivalent. An affordable VR HEADSET does the same work which an expensive VR HEADSET does. Yes, there is a difference in the quality of HEADSET. We will discuss this later in our article. The best VR Headset for saber.

But as VR headsets display on store shelves, there are very little differences between them that judge by any bod. So if you’re looking for VR HEADSET, what should you check out to get a good VR HEADSET. There is no single device that is right for each person.

In fact, once you buy the cheapest headsets you will get the benefit. It is too early to give the name of specific products. But we can give you everything in our article that you’ll need to go through the options. You will be able to select the best VR HEADSET for yourself. In our article, you will find accurate information about the best VR HEADSET for saber.

The main decision for all people will be picking the right VR between the three different classes of VR. In our article, you will found some best VR HEADSET for beat saber. We also tell you in our article which brand is suitable for you according to your requirements. We tell you the features of these brands. In our article, you also found the pros and cons of these brands.

In short, you get all the information about these brands and you don’t confuse when you buy this brand. You just have to read our article to find the perfect match for you. So let us discuss some top brands one by one. The no 1 brand in our list is written below.

Top 5 Best VR Headset for Beat Saber in 2020


1. SONY PlayStation VR

Its packing includes the PlayStation VR headset. The response time of this VR HEADSET is unparalleled. Response time is very crucial in VR HEADSET because lagging creates some serious problems. The battery life of this VR HEADSET is awesome because the battery timing is important. If you will watch the movie and the battery is sink then your whole experience went demolished. You will feel demoralizing.

Enjoy a game that never takes place on a depressing battlefield but on this VR HEADSET, it is awesome. If you will play video games on the VR HEADSET then your experience will be changed. It’s not the same as that experience in which you sit in front of the screen. You will feel real experience if you will have this VR HEADSET.

The resolution of this VR HEADSET is unparalleled. It gives 1080 pixels of resolution. You had never felt this type of resolution in the VR HEADSET. Because in VR HEADSET normally 720 resolution is normal. You will be amazed when you will use this VR HEADSET.

This VR HEADSET fulfills the requirements of different eyesight. The impressive design of this VR HEADSET can completely remove the glare which is produced by the sudden light reflected from the screen.

This VR HEADSET has some cool features. You can sideline the headset easily without taking off it during watching movies or playing games. This VR HEADSET has some smart function, you can use the control box as a mouse.


The control is not included in it

The resolution is great


It is very expensive


2. Oculus Go

This VR HEADSET has a larger screen. This VR HEADSET gives you an outstanding clear display. It has an amazing 3D graphics system. The advantage of this feature is it gives you a feeling of personal theater. You will enjoy it when you watching movies and playing games on it.

Now you can watch movies and play games with your friends on this VR HEADSET. You can meet up with your friends through this VR from around the world. You can watch sports action, also watch your favorite concerts, or just jump to your favorite TV show on VR HEADSET.

This VR HEADSET is ready to play. This is ready when you are ready because this is portable. You experience a portable and easy feeling in this VR HEADSET. That means no issue of PC, phone, wires.

This VR HEADSET has very easy and effortless control. Whether if you want to switch on your favorite shows or playing your favorite video games. The easy controller makes things easy.

This VR HEADSET has a Built-In Audio system. You feel like you live in sound. The sound is moving everywhere. Special audio drivers are installed into this headset. The advantage of this feature providing dramatic, impressive sound when you watching movies. You also get quality sound when You playing video games. You get beautiful sound without the expensive headphones. This VR HEADSET also has a 3.5 mm audio jack.


The resolution of this VR HEADSET is very impressive

You feel very comfortable when you use it


The battery life of this VR HEADSET is not good



The resolution of this VR HEADSET is awesome. You can find details of this VR HEADSET about the resolution in our article. This VR HEADSET  has dual-OLED displays with an impressive resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels. Now you can enjoy unparalleled visual fidelity of graphics, text, and textures in this VR HEADSET.

The company sets the bar of the quality of this headset smartly. The company sets the weight distribution beautifully on the whole headset.  you don’t feel extra object on your head. When you watching movies and playing video games you can easily on and off the VR HEADSET. You can adjust this headset easily even if you use eyeglasses. The company claims that it is their masterpiece. You can use it without any issue.

The headphone of this VR HEADSET is unmatched. These VR headsets contain high-level headphones, which produced 3D sound. You will enjoy the sound. This has auto noise cancellation quality for an unmatched experience. Now you will not disturbance from the noise around you.

You can also get many offers when you will take this VR HEADSET. You can get 2 months subscription to avail VR games and apps. The company gives the subscription code in the box for availing this offer. We recommend this VR HEADSET because it contains so many features. You can enjoy it when you will play video games.

Now you can expand your business use cases by adding projects. You can add  VIVE Tracker bringing your all and important projects into your virtual console. It is ideal for motion cases, aerospace industry, auto industry, or heavy equipment industry.


You can easily set up this VR HEADSET

It has a built-in sensor


It is expensive

It has an average battery life


4. Oculus Rift VR HEADSET

This VR HEADSET has one interesting feature. One awesome feature of this VR HEADSET is Riftʼs ultra-low-latency tracking system. Due to this feature, it offers you unparalleled immersion. This feature is very popular. You will be amazed when you will use this VR HEADSET because it contains all content which is important for entertainment.

The most demanding thing of this VR HEADSET  Oculus Touch controllers which allow your hands into VR. It allows you to interact with the virtual world naturally. This feature is also very popular for a long time.

The specs of this VR HEADSET are NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470. The RAM of this VR HEADSET is 8 GB. The specifications are awesome.

It has windows 10 which is a very excellent feature.

This VR HEADSET has top-quality sound. Special audio drivers are fixed inside the headset. It is providing excellent quality and awesome sound without the expensive headphones. It contains a 3.5 mm headphone jack which provides you top-quality sound.

Commonly, many people complain about the touch and control of the VR HEADSET. The touch and control of this VR HEADSET are nice and very accurate. You can use this VR HEADSET without any tension. For beat saber it is perfect. It contains all object which makes your VR chat nice and attractive.


It contains full motion tracking

This VR HEADSET has built-in headphones with HD quality audio


One drawback of this VR HEADSET is the gaming area is very smaller



The company gives you stand with this VR HEADSET. Now you can also use this headset in standing position. You can also use it while sitting anywhere. You can use this as you want. This contains the Steam VR Tracking system which provides the most outstanding experience. So, use this VR HEADSET in such a way that gives you benefits.

It gives you realistic movement and actions. It contains a 360-degree movement controller which is very smart and this headset provides you awesome graphics. It contains high quality of the audio system which is important in the virtual world.

Now you can enjoy almost 1500 games which cover alit l categories. You can enjoy everything in this VR HEADSET including movies, games, sports, and concerts. So, it is your real partner in the entertainment world.

This device has a chaperone system that tells you when you reach your limit. So it is very safe when it comes to health. This VR HEADSET has a front-facing camera that gives you real and beautiful images. This company claim that they fulfill your needs.

For beat sabers this VR HEADSET is awesome. this VR HEADSET  has all the things which are important for entertainment.

It has an immersive, cinematic VR video player. This video player plays 3D, 180, and 360-degree videos. But the good thing is that this video player software is free on VIVEPORT.


The availability is great

The price is also very affordable

It has Room-scale motion tracking


Some user complain about the battery

This VR HEADSET contain no built-in headphone



In the above article, we covered all the things which are important for the buyer. In our article, we gave all the information about the VR HEADSET for beat saber. We hope now you will be satisfied with our article. We covered almost all the things regarding VR HEADSET for beat saber. At the starting of our article, we gave you the introduction of the VR HEADSET.

In the 2nd half of the article, we told you about the brands. We told you everything about these brands. First, we gave you the features of the brands. In features, we told you everything including display, size, weight, resolution, and storage, etc. Then we gave you the pros and cons of these brands. Because it is necessary if you don’t know the pros and cons then you can’t decide whether you buy this brand or other brand.

Now you just have to do one thing that is read our article at the time of buying a VR HEADSET for yourself. Because when you will read our article you will come to know about everything and you will not be confused. Why we say that before buying read our article because our team researched a lot. We spent too much time on research. Our team consists of experts who check every brand individually and then put in the article. We hope you will be satisfied with our article because we give you accurate information about VR HEADSET for beat saber.


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