5 Best Vertical Monitors for Stand Adjustability 2022

Are you looking for Best Vertical Monitors for Stand Adjustability to shake things up together with your computer system? If you’re an essential social media user, a coder, or an email addict, you’ll find that a vertical monitor is right for you.

These monitors, which change your screen’s alignment so that you’ll view vertically rather than horizontally, are getting increasingly popular.

In this guide, we’ll re-evaluate those monitors’ basics, explain what they’re used for, and become so popular.

We’ll also take a glance at a number of the simplest vertical monitors out today in 2019 so that you’ll make the proper purchase when it involves buying time.

By following the knowledge during this guide and article, you’ll be ready to find the vertical monitor that most accurately fits your needs and fits within your budget.

Let’s unveil the simplest vertical monitors to shop for first.

5 Best Vertical Monitors for Stand Adjustability


1. HP VH240A – 24 Inch

HP VH240A is probably the sole budget 24-inch monitor within the market that gives an ergonomic stand with the power to show vertically.

The monitors harbor an IPS panel also as very slim bezels, which make it ideal for a multiple monitors setup.

Besides that, it also offers VESA mounting holes so that you’ll hook it abreast of dedicated monitors stands do you have to get.

Further, it also features 2W stereo speakers, which you’ll use for notifications and emergency use.

All in all, if you would like a 24-inch option at a budget, then this certainly is one of the simplest vertical monitors within the market.


2. Asus ProArt PA248Q – 24 Inch Monitor – Best for top Performance

While the HP above was a budget option, if you would like a knowledgeable 24-inch monitor that will enable you to figure on designing and editing work, then this may interest you.

For starters, note that this is often an upscale monitor. Therefore, you would like to be sure of what you’re getting.

This monitor boasts a high-performance A+ grade IPS panel that covers 100% of the sRGB color space.

You must note that not all IPS panels are created equally. The professional IPS panels offer better color fidelity and better color uniformity across the screen.

Like all vertical monitors, this also has a height-adjustable ergonomic stand that permits it to tilt, swivel and rotate.

Besides that, this display features an FHD+ resolution with a facet ratio of 16:10 rather than the traditional 16:9. Essentially, it offers a 1920 x 1200 resolution rather than 1920×1080.

The extra resolution will most certainly help within the vertical mode. Finally, this monitor features a plethora of connectivity options, including a USB 3.0 hub.

All in all, this is often one of the simplest vertical monitors for editors and designers.


3. Dell P2719H – 27 Inch – Best For the cash

If you came here trying to find a top-quality 27-inch monitor for vertical use at a reasonable tag, this might interest you.

The Dell P series monitors are excellent for offices also as a professional environment. However, they’re not as robust and features rich because of the Ultrasharp series; they’re the staple displays for many days to day paperwork.

The only downside of this monitor is that it only features an FHD resolution.

People lately like better to have a minimum of a QHD resolution on their 27-inch monitors.

Nevertheless, if you’re a coder or employed on very long spreadsheets, this monitor will most certainly assist you.

In the end, as far because the reasonable 27-inch option cares, this is often one of the simplest vertical monitors.


4. BenQ SW2700PT – 27 Inch – Best Vertical Monitors for Stand Adjustability

It is a monitor built specifically for professionals within the photography or graphic designing industry?

It is a 27-inch monitor with QHD resolution and covers 99% of the Adobe RGB color space – hence the hefty tag.

A graphic designer/photographer would know that a monitor covering the Adobe RGB is way costlier than a monitor that merely covers the sRGB color space.

Adobe RGB is that the color space that designers would use if they’re handling medium.

Conversely, if you’re employed are merely limited to viewing digital media like on a smartphone, tablet, or computer monitor, you’ll choose cheaper sRGB variants.

This monitor also features a variant that only covers the sRGB color space and thus is cheaper, i.e., BenQ PD2700U.

Besides covering the Adobe RGB color space, BenQ SW2700PT comes equipped with several other features like a Shading Hood to reduce ambient light.

It also offers a 14 bit 3D LUT alongside its 10-bit color depth. Essentially, this provides the monitor of the power to process about 4.39 trillion colors.

If you’re a designer who works for medium, this is often one of your’s simplest vertical monitors.

Also, study best monitors for photo editing under $300.


5. Dell Professional P2217H – 22 Inch – Great for little Office Use

The monitor that we covered above is often quite large for several.

If you’ve got a limited desk space and if you’re thus trying to find a smaller 22-inch size option, then this may interest you.

The monitor offers an IPS panel with fairly slim bezels.

While it doesn’t cover sRGB color space, it offers relatively uniform colors that should quite suffice for average paperwork.

Furthermore, one of the features that separate it from the remainder of the 22-inch monitors within the market is that the USB Hub – alongside other ports.

The USB Hub is essentially a top quality of life improvement feature that you can use to attach your peripherals.

The only issue with this monitor is that it’s costlier than the HP VH240A 24 inch monitor above despite being smaller. For many, going for the larger, yet cheaper, monitor would be the apparent option.

All in all, as far because the 22-inch size cares, this is often among the simplest vertical monitors.


What Are Vertical Monitors?

Let’s begin by taking a glance at what precisely vertical monitors are. Unlike standard horizontal monitors, which boast more width than length, vertical monitors are built with stress.

These monitors incorporate an adjustable height stand, referred to as an ergonomic stand that permits them to tilt, swivel, and rotate 90 degrees on their axis.

In other words, vertical monitors also add portrait mode as landscape mode, supplying you with an alternate thanks to enjoying your computer experience.

There are several benefits to vertical monitors that you’ll want to require full advantage of if you’re uninterested in your traditional monitor. In upcoming sections, we’ll take a more in-depth check out why you ought to buy a vertical monitor and answer any questions you’ll have about these systems.

Why Buy A Vertical Monitor?

Despite this, there are a couple of valid reasons why you would possibly want to upgrade your monitor. We’ll re-evaluate a number of the most advantages of employing a vertical monitor during this section rather than a standard one.

1. Better for Text

While traditional monitors could also be optimal for streaming, video consumption, and gaming, vertical monitors have proven the simplest for text-based Internet use.

It means that they’re perfect for people who use the web to primarily check social media feeds like Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re trying to find a far better and simpler thanks to organizing your social media or text content, it’s challenging to better than a vertical monitor.

But it’s not just social media that’s improved with a vertical monitor. You’ll also find it easier to see your email, write your reports, and work with word processors.

If you’re a writer by profession or a fanatical student, you’ll likely find a vertical monitor more straightforward for your academic purposes.

2. Less Space

24-inch monitors: Yes, a pleasant 24-inch monitor may look nice, but there’s little question that it takes up plenty of desk space.

Thus, countless customers are turning to vertical monitors to release space and optimize their working areas.

Suppose you’re trying to find a proven-effective thanks to re-exact your office space and improve your productivity. In that case, it’s time to take a position in your very own vertical monitor.

Are you somebody who prefers using dual monitors? Vertical monitors make this possible as well! If you don’t have the space to line up a standard dual system, think about using vertical monitors to maximize your working area’s utility.

3. Affordability

Because many vertical monitors are marketed toward more traditional computers or Internet users, they’re often cheaper. It is usually because reading webpages and dealing with academic reports doesn’t require an equivalent number of specifications than high-speed gaming streaming.

For this reason, you’ll be ready to save costs by getting a vertical monitor, though it ultimately depends on the model that you buy (and whether or not the model is adjustable). Remember to stay this in mind as you look for your next device.

Buying Guide

With this information in mind, it’s time to require a glance at some specific buyer’s guidelines, which will assist you in making the proper purchase. Pay close attention to the following information when buying your monitor so that you’re ready to get a system that works best in your area.

Screen Size

Like traditional monitors, vertical monitors are available to spread screen sizes to offer you flexibility in fixing your work area. Let’s take a glance at some specific measures that are common with vertical monitors.

In general, vertical monitors don’t exceed twenty inches in terms of width. Instead, they consider the top height and supply a more suitable platform for text-based web interactions.

Keep in mind that monitors beyond these dimensions are generally more fitted to video viewing or gaming.

With the proper monitor size, you’ll be ready to eliminate the white space on either side of your webpage and optimize your viewing experience.

Display Type

You may prefer to get your vertical monitor during a few general display types. Specifically, you’ll choose between:

  1. LED: LED lights offer the best vibrancy and definition resolution. While these monitors tend to be pricier, they’re top of the road in image quality.
  2. LCD: Cheaper than LED monitors, LCD stands for liquid display and provides HD resolution for prices that won’t break the bank.
  3. Touchscreen: Essentially, turn your computer into a tablet with a touchscreen display.

Your purpose will largely determine the type of monitor display you finish up getting.        

Because vertical monitors aren’t optimized for video consumption or gaming, the necessity for high-powered LED monitors could also be decreased. You’ll want to require this into consideration as you select your device.

Resolution: There are three primary sorts of the solution you ought to consider when choosing your monitor. Each varies in terms of picture quality and image clarity. Specifically, they are:

HD: This includes HD+. When grouped, the 2 represent the foremost essential sort of HD technology. Screens with this resolution will be ready to produce necessary HD images but lack the crystal clear clarity of upgraded models.

Quad HD: Otherwise referred to as QHD, this resolution offers superior quality over standard 720P HD.

4K Ultra HD: Screens that are available in this resolution are generally pricier but offer absolutely the best picture quality. Consider this if you furthermore may plan on using your device for any professional purpose.

Keep in mind that, counting on the resolution, you’ll be forced to pay wildly different prices. As such, you ought to expect to pay more for 4K monitors than you’d for a more traditional device.

Other factors, like refresh rate and quick response rate, can also affect your monitor’s worth. For instance, a monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz will generally cost quite a monitor with a refresh rate of 60Hz, though you’ll expect the previous to perform better than the latter.



With the proper vertical monitor, you’ll find surfing online more comfortable than ever. Perfect for people who use their systems primarily for text-based functions like social media, data processing, news reading, and Google searches, these monitors also can save space and streamline your workspace so that you’ll increase your productivity.

In this guide, we covered a number of the foremost important information regarding vertical monitors and revealed a number of the simplest vertical monitors on the market today. Overall, we found the HP VH240A was the most exact value, vertical monitor.

By following this guide’s knowledge, you’ll be ready to find the vertical monitor that works for you at prices you’ll afford. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to upgrade your monitor today!

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