Best SSDs For Xbox Series X And Series S In 2022

These best SSDs for Xbox series X and S will deal with your low additional room issue on the Xbox console. Best external hard drive for Xbox game plans will help your present some astounding games.

More humble, harder, and speedier than hard plates, SSDs make for incredible external hard drives. In this guide, we’ll help you track down a flexible SSD that will leave any mechanical drive in the buildup.

IT’S LONG BEEN authentic that a solid-state drive (SSD) should outline the reason for your PC storage. They’re more exorbitant than hard circles, sure, yet even the most affordable SSDs will accommodatingly beat the fastest mechanical drives, and higher-limit models are getting both more extensive and more moderate.

Likewise, disregarding the way that SSDs make for incredible work region storing, their trademark qualities make them shockingly better as outside amassing. They’re more unobtrusive and lighter than hard plates, so the finished drive will be easier to pull around.

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Their shortfall of moving parts makes them more impenetrable to pounds and staggers, diminishing the chances that the drive – and consequently your data – will be hurt in transit.

Moreover, under their higher examine and form speeds, they can save colossal proportions of time when making immense trades, for instance, when backing up or restoring your PC or PC, two of the most notable uses for external limit.

Over the top pages, we’ll walk you through the features and other expected benefits of outside SSDs, by then research six exceptional models, going from clear spending plan SSDs to PIN-got drives and quick premium drives. Chances are you’ll find something here to supersede that languid old flexible hard circle drive.

Maybe the most huge, yet routinely disregarded, factor in an external SSD’s show is its USB interface. This SSD is moreover open in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB limit.

Best SSDs For Xbox Series X And Series S

1. ADATA SD600Q 960GB Ultra-Speed Portable Durable External SSD

best SSDs for Xbox series X

The odd display wobble isn’t adequate to demolish this unassuming and clear SSD. Truly accommodating, really interesting models are uncommon.

There two or three heroes, for instance, the blisteringly speedy Samsung Portable SSD X5 or the encoded and PIN-guaranteed Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD, anyway both of these go with exorbitant expenses to go with their significant standards.

To lay it out simply, there’s space for something fairly remarkable, while moreover costing less – and the Adata SD600Q probably could be it. With an eye-getting plan and overdraft-sidestepping esteeming, it has appeal to save, and that isn’t something anyone can say about most limited hardware.


It’s not squeezing front-line tech, in any case. Data rather inconspicuously ensures – on its site, the packaging, and the documentation – that the SD600Q uses a USB3.1 affiliation. This is substantial so to speak, anyway, it’s simply USB3.1 Gen 1, or USB3 by another name.

This has a lower 5Gbit/s throughput than ‘substantial’ USB3.1, in any case, called USB3.1 Gen 2, which can hit 10Gbit/s.

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While this infers you can plug theSD600Q into USB3 ports – which are more ordinary on PCs and workstations – with no inclination that you’re holding down execution, it also suggests you shouldn’t expect that that presentation ought to be particularly impacting regardless.

Data itself declares some reasonable most noteworthy scrutinize and make rates out of 440MB/s and 430MB/s independently, about on a norm with a monetary arrangement inside SATA SSD.

Taking everything into account, it’s unassuming enough that lower speeds aren’t a disposition executioner in themselves. We’ve been attempting the 480GB structure, which works out at an engaging 12.1 p for every gigabyte. There’s similarly a 240GB model.

Which is 13.9p per gigabyte, and a 960GB model, which is the best worth of the pack at essentially 10.4p per gigabyte. Explore with the accompanying most economical SSD covered here, the PNY Pro Elite, which ranges between 16.3p for its 1TB model and 25.4p for the 250GB variation.

The SD600Q is coordinated also, even with some to some degree unstable plastic. This is by and large down to the planned, completed silicone that loosens up in an X shape to all of the four corners. As this is raised fairly unbelievable pieces, it’s inconceivable for the last to come into contact with surfaces.

That, and the rubbery sensitive nature of the silicone, permits the SD600Q a confined degree of daze fixing. Adata has drop-attempted it from 1.2 meters, and we didn’t persevere through any issues in the wake of dropping it from near heights.

The silicon can moreover on the other hand add a scramble of concealing: blue or red on the two more unobtrusive cutoff points, anyway the 960GB model simply comes in dull.

All of the three, nevertheless, are charmingly moderate at 15x80x80mm, and with a vaporous heap of 60g, the SD600Q is well and truly pocket-sized. You’ll just have to find space for the 33cm-long detachable U5B connects as well.

Data Transfer Speed

Execution testing with CrystalDiskMark from the start yielded some bewildering results: the standard progressive test routinely sees amassing drives hit their most essential referred to speeds, anyway the SD600Q just managed a read speed of 303MB/s and a make speed out of 398MB/s.

The 4K discretionary test was repelling, too, with the SD600Q averaging a 98MB/s read speed and a 92MB/s form speed. Regardless, not only are these decently better than the progressive results, they similarly show up to some degree higher than the Pro Elite’s 79MB/s and 68MB/s scrutinize and create speed results.

Something different, nevertheless, the Pro Elite’s faster USB3.1 interface allowed it to dependably overwhelm the SD600Q. In our gigantic record read test, the SD600Q truly crushed through its power speed evaluates by averaging 544MB/s.

It’s significantly astonishing for a drive to perform better in our Windows move tests than in the made CrystalDiskMark, at this point kept testing showed this wasn’t a mishap. In light of everything, the Pro Elite effortlessly beat this effort with 655MB/s.

The rest of our tests showed the very same thing: the SD600Q is quick for the money, while not by and large matching unfathomable mid-officials. The SD600Q’s enormous report read speed may be astonishing, yet its 314MB/s make speed is significantly more normal, and its appearance in the tremendous records test was customary, too.

Its 389MB/s read speed and 300MB/s create speed are extra proof that the SD600Q is inside and out better at one kind of duty than the other.

A 239MB/s read speed achieve the little records test is truly satisfactory, but again, create speeds couldn’t facilitate with it, coming in at 192MB/s.

That is gravitating toward to mechanical hard plate a region, so on the off chance that you’re likely going to oversee stacks of little records immediately (as the little report test includes), be prepared.

The Competition

On balance, the Pro Elite is a predominant worth SSD whether or not it’s all the more expensive. Several extra pounds shouldn’t be too off-putting when you’re getting both to some degree higher breaking point and rates that adequately outflank the SD600Q other than in very certain conditions, and abhorrence PNY’s drive is wherever close as costly as the Samsung X5 or the WD Black P50 Game Drive.

In light of everything, the SD600Q has a great deal of charm. It outperforms suppositions for a decently monetary arrangement genial external SSD, offers reasonable stagger fixing, and is more splendid and fun-looking than the greater part of its friends. There may be speedier SSDs, yet the SD600Q is a skilled – and intriguing – elective.

2. Apricorn Aegis Padlock 2TB SSD 256-Bit Encrypted External Portable Drive

best cheap SSDs for Xbox series X

As extraordinary and secure as this PIN-guaranteed SSD is, it’s essentially exorbitantly expensive. This solid-state drive is the cousin of Apricorn’s Aegis Fortress L3.

It’s in like manner an encoded, PIN-guaranteed external drive for your most fragile archives, yet being an SSD rather than a mechanical hard circle, it’s more humble, speedier, and shockingly more expensive.

Generously more expensive, without a doubt: a 1TB Aegis Fortress L3 is no arrangement at $215, or 21.5p per gigabyte, anyway a 1TB Aegis Padlock – like the one we were sent for testing – is a bank upsetting $463, or 46.3p per gigabyte.

There a few other cutoff decisions, anyway the 2TB model – which has a more conspicuous cost – works out with a lower for each gigabyte cost of 40p. The base 240GB model is a ludicrous 70.5p per gigabyte, and the 480GB’s 56.1 p figure isn’t incomprehensibly improved.

In reality, even the Thunderbolt 3-energized Samsung Portable SSD X5 isn’t as expensive, and nor is the Minix Neo Storage, which moreover throws in USB focus point value. What, by then, do you get for your huge pile of money? A couple of parts of the Aegis Padlock are oddly key.

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It simply relates over a USB3 relationship, for instance, not USB3.1 or USB Type-C, anyway, the organized connection does on any occasion overlap immaculately into the bundling. The included pass on the pocket is a decent extra, also, anyway barely worth a few hundred pounds.


Taking everything into account, the Aegis Padlock attempts to legitimize its worth by and large through its security and durability. A 12-button keypad enables the creation and use of both manager and individual customer PINs, and any data saved is normally guaranteed behind military assessment, 256-cycle AES XTS encryption.

Setting everything up is sufficiently direct, and the keypad gets is satisfactorily huge for you to avoid coincidental miss-presses whether or not you have immense thumbs.

There’s similarly creature power security: you can pick how now and again, someplace in the scope of four and 20, an incorrect PIN is entered, and accepting that limit is outperformed, the SSD eradicates its encryption key and conveys the data locally accessible hard to reach.

This suggests that if the drive is taken and the cheat orders this self-destruct incorporate, you won’t get the data back whether or not you somehow recuperate the real drive, anyway perhaps that is better than giving someone boundless freedoms to calculate the code.

The Aegis Padlock is in like manner hard to break in a more exacting sense. A large portion of the bundling – which is more unassuming than a lot of cards – is worked from solid tendency metal, and the layer keypad arrangement considers both buildup and water-hindrance.

Surely, it’s been permitted the IP56 assertion, so while it won’t bear upheld dunks in water, it will dismiss deluge, sprinkles, and spillages, and has satisfactory protection from solid soil access to hold buildup of sand back from harming the internals.

This is, remarkably, the solitary SSD of the six on the test to offer such guaranteed weatherproofing, which may well charm if you need one to remove a long way from home.

Data Transfer Speed

Security and sturdiness are furthermore both mind-boggling attributes to have in any adaptable SSD, anyway likewise similarly as with most auto-encoding drives, the sensible trade-off is speed. The Aegis Padlock should be seen as fast if you’re standing out it from a hard plate, not another SSD. The fastest we saw it running during our benchmarks was in the CrystalDiskMark continuous scrutinize and create tests.

It just regulated 301MB/s and 310MB/s independently. These similarly dropped certainly in the 4K self-assertive tests, with the Aegis Padlock recording a 21MB/s read speed and a 29MB/s create speed.

Both are straightforward pieces of what the Adata SD600Q, our main spending outside SSD, scored in comparative tests.

Curiously, in our record moves tests, the Aegis Padlock changed from having a higher make speed and a lower read speed to the opposite path around.

In the massive record test, it showed up at the midpoint of a read speed of 272MB/s and a make speed out of 25OMB/s, again significantly more delayed on the two checks than the SD600Q.

It by then sorted out some way to average insignificantly faster in the (regularly harder) tremendous reports read test, with 295MB/s, notwithstanding the way that its 244MB/s make speed result cut the joined typical down lower than with the giant record test.

Shockingly, the Aegis Padlock made an effort not to drop a great deal of lower in the most problematic little records test, getting done with a 262MB/s read speed and a 240MB/s create speed.

These are truly both higher than the SD600Q’s indistinguishable results, so while top rates baffle, it’s supporting to see the Aegis Padlock can endure increasing to trickier endeavors including numerous little records.

Worth Buying

Tragically, neither this nor the encryption feature is adequate to beat that prohibitively over-the-top expense. Substantial, the SD600Q misses the mark on such PIN protection, yet the extensively more tantamount iStorage circle Ashur2 SSD is about $140 more affordable for a 1TB model.

This moreover has 256-digit encryption and an organized keypad, so you’re simply really leaving behind buildup and water security, which sounds to us like a more than agreeable trade.

The state of affairs, the Aegis Padlock’s security, pocket-obliging arrangement, and IP accreditation are generally captivating attributes, anyway without either lower costs or higher speeds, it is not an outrageously persuading idea.

3. MINIX NEO S4 Storage USB-C SSD Combine M.2 SSD Storage 480GB

best SSDs for Xbox series X

As an SSD alone, it’s dormant and incredibly exorbitant, anyway the Neo Storage’s intrinsic ports make it stick out. Consider decorations you’d need for a PC and gaming plan – actually after a case and a mouse – two that would almost certainly fly into your head are a USB focus and an external accumulating drive.

The past is getting logically fundamental, as ultraportables continue unloading full-size USB accessibility for more humble USB Type-C ports that can help keep underside estimations slender.

The external limit in like manner remains a canny contraption for promising you to have adequate space, as overhauling from a 256GB PC to a 512GB model can add numerous pounds to the expense.


Joining the two is consequently a genuinely breathtaking idea, the sort that makes you can’t resist the urge to consider why nobody considered it before the Minix Neo Storage showed up.

This multiport focus point interfaces through USB Type-C and gives two USB3 ports, an HDMI yield prepared for 4K objective at 30Hz, and a Type-C port of its own, anyway this is only for partner the PC’s charging join so you can refuel while the middle is being utilized.

You can’t use it to partner or charge an external Type-C contraption. In the interim, it contains your choice of a 120GB, 240GB, or 480GB M.2 SSD, to use likewise as you would some other external SSD.

The Neo Storage furthermore works with Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro PCs, and it shows. The changed corners and faint, matt aluminum finish call later MacBook plans, and the Type-C connector is an ideal fit: the MacBook is broad without full-size USB ports, contingent totally upon Thunderbolt 3 connectors taking everything into account.

You can, in any case, actually use the Neo Storage with a Windows PC or PC, notwithstanding the way that convenience will change depending upon what kind of Type-C port you’re using.

A standard Type-C port will, as we’ve discovered, let you use both USB3 ports and the inside SSD as common, anyway the HDMI port becomes worthless if the port can’t pass on record.

That the Neo Storage is exactly at its best with Thunderbolt 3 looks good given its consolidation of a video port, anyway as a limit device, this conveys it into the circle of even more exclusively Thunderbolt-focused drives like the Samsung Portable SSD X5.

This makes for genuinely messed up assessments, as Minix itself simply cases most noteworthy scrutinize and make speeds out of 400MB/s on the 240GB and 480GB models, dropping to 35OMB/s examine and create on the 120GB model. These figures address an unimportant part of what the X5 can do, even on its slowest 500GB spec.

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Insensibility, the 240GB Neo Storage came acceptably close to its announced form speed, hitting 373MB/s in the CrystalDiskMark back-to-back test. Its read speed result, of course, was a humble 300MB/s, and changing to the truly mentioning 4K test saw the SSD drop down to a 103MB/s read speed and a 100MB/s form speed.

Data Transfer Speed

Unusually, examine and create speeds exchanged around in our archive move tests, with read beginning to stand out.

Starting with the colossal report test, the Neo Storage showed up at the midpoint of a read speed of 343MB/s and a make speed out of 277MB/s – faster than any mechanical hard plate, yet not frightfully quick for an SSD.

On any occasion, the harder gigantic records test caused only a slight fall in pace, with a typical read speed of 333MB/s and a make speed out of 266MB/s.

Taking everything into account, it wasn’t until the little reports test that the Neo Storage finally discovered spending plan SSD standards, averaging a 224MB/s read speed and a 152MB/s create speed. These results are, again, not too much, yet they are identical to the Adata SD600Q.

Disastrously, this similarly raises another issue: the SD600Q’s normal rates are unimportant considering the way that it’s so unobtrusive, starting at $33 for a 240GB model; a similar Neo Storage is twice as expensive.

The 120GB model moreover works out to an exceptionally steep 58p per gigabyte, and yet the 240GB model is better at 37.5p.

It’s not until the 480GB model – at 21.p per gigabyte – where costs start sounding reasonable. Yes, it has Type-C organization and USB focus capacity, anyway, you could buy an alternate Mac-obliging focus point close by the SD600Q and still save about $40.

A Good Buy

In light of everything, the entire spot of the Neo Storage is to merge the two, saving you the trouble of heaving around various embellishments close by your PC – or in any event, saving wreck on your work region.

Type-C port criticalness aside, this suggests it has regard outside of its middle SSD execution. It’s particularly made also, being light, sharp, and dainty simultaneously, and there’s a charming pass-on case associated with the case.

We can’t recommend it on cash-related grounds, nor execution grounds, and if you’re more stressed over adding accessibility than the limit, you could spend fundamentally less on something with much more than two USB3 ports.

Considering all that, regardless, this is an extraordinary amassing thing, and whether or not it is on the lazy side, it doesn’t destroy the convenience of its 2-in-1 thought.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best SSDs For Xbox Series X And Series S

USB Interface

Maybe the most critical, yet consistently disregarded, factor in an external SSD’s presentation is its USB interface. Different interfaces have assorted most limit throughputs, which subsequently confines move speeds.

The major USB3 standard has 5Gbit/s of throughput, which implies about 625MB/s, yet USB3.1 sets this to 1OGbit/s, and Thunderbolt 3 affiliations can reach as high as 40Gbit/s, or 5,000MB/s.

When in doubt, you’re most likely not going to gravitate toward these speculative most noteworthy speeds, yet our testing shows that faster USB rules do consider speedier examine and form speeds. Is the suitable reaction, by then, to simply remain with Thunderbolt 3 or the new USB3.2 2×2 interfaces?

Disastrously, it isn’t so essential: speedier interfaces similarly mean more prominent expenses, so USB3 and USB3.1 models may regardless be best on the off chance that you’re on a severe spending plan.

You’ll moreover need to guarantee that you can truly abuse additionally created interfaces – by the day’s end, that your PC or PC has practical ports. There’s little sense in paying more for a Thunderbolt 3 SSD if, say, your PC simply has USB3 ports.

All of the different interfaces are backward suitable, so you’ll regardless have the choice to move records if you’re halting a USB3.1 SSD into a USB3 port, or if the SSD is Thunderbolt 3-feasible anyway is just connected with a standard USB Type-C connection. Essentially be forewarned that you won’t get the best show.

Speed Limit

On that note, most limit makers will give you a thought about an SSD’s greatest speeds by referring to them among the specs. These are close to reality when in doubt, anyway they’re reliably subject to the SSD’s progressive read/form speeds, which don’t rigidly address execution levels in standard use.

Regularly we’ve attempted every one of the six of the recalled SSDs for their genuine show for different conditions, any way you may be thinking about what is an appropriate level of speed; for uncommon use, say, you may make do with all the more lethargic scrutinize and make speeds consequently at a lower cost.

If that is the circumstance, we’d regardless propose zeroing in on speeds between 200MB/s and 500MB/s (the past for the most mentioning read/form tasks, the keep going for easier ones), just to ensure you’re getting a satisfactorily sizable thump on hard plate speeds. Additionally, dependent upon what you will use your SSD for, it’s feasible worth pointing a lot higher.

If you’re moving Word records and accounting pages between two PCs this presumably won’t be the circumstance, yet for help up numerous photos or presenting gigantic applications like games, go for the most significant examine and form speeds you can bear.

In case you need an external drive to keep whole OS fortifications in case of PC disillusionment, you possibly won’t use it enough to make the interest in a particularly practical SSD helpful, yet remember that as you’ll copy huge proportions of data at a time, you shouldn’t go unreasonably dormant, by a similar token.

A Head For Bytes

One weight of SSDs near hard circles is that higher-limit models of the last are regularly more open, and emphatically more moderate.

Regardless, it’s not tricky 1TB or 2TB external SSDs, the two of which you’d fight to finish off aside from on the off chance that you were beating them with video, RAW picture, or game archives.

More unassuming cutoff points are fine if you need to keep copies of office programming reports and a humble bundle of media records, and they’ll be more affordable, too.

Regardless, more affordable doesn’t commonly mean better worth: to the extent of cost-per-gigabyte, you routinely get a more prominent breaking point concerning your money with greater cutoff points.

We’ve decided the cost-per-gigabyte of each open model for the six SSDs featured here, so counsel the table on page 86 to see which cutoff of a given drive offers the best game plan.


SSDs may be more genuine to break than mechanical HDDs yet for external drives, they ought to regardless be encased in a quality bundling to prevent influence hurt.

Fortunately, most models are attempted to be at any rate paralyze safe, and some even go with water-and buildup fixing for fundamentally more noticeable durability.

Weatherproofing isn’t practically just about as critical as shock resistance for an external SSD, anyway these days there are advantageous drives with a wide scope of extra features.

The Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD is an ideal model, as it takes the possibility of basic encryption further by including a PIN pad on the skeleton, so nobody yet you can get to the data without using keylogger-frail programming passwords.

The Minix Neo Storage moreover receives the extraordinary procedure of being both an external SSD and a multiport focus point.

In the two cases, in any case, the results are both expensive and for the most part languid concerning focus read/make execution, so to a great extent, the clear procedure is better.


If you’re overwhelmingly stressed over growing velocity and have both the cash and the reasonable Thunderbolt 3 ports to help it, only one of these SSDs extends the limits of what adaptable SSDs can do: the Samsung Portable SSD X5. Its monster execution and different high-limit models should make it the principal port of call for anyone requiring the best.

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