Best RAM For i9-11900K CPUs In 2022

For seemingly forever, the best RAM for i9-11900K CPUs, Ryzen has overpowered as the primary spot on the rundown for single-string execution. Be that as it may, with the appearance of the Intel Core i9-11900k, they have officially outperformed the main spot on this rundown. These 14 nm Rocket Lake processors are Intel’s fastest available, gloating speeds of 5.3 GHz. With this power accessible to you, you need RAM that can manage it.

In the rest of this article, we will jump into what RAM you need to buy to help the show of the Intel Core i9-119000k.

Best RAM For i9-11900K CPUs

1. Corsair Vengeance PRO – The Best one

best RAM for i9-11900K CPUs

With respect to high potential, Corsair sees how it’s doing maintain high-grade processors. While the i9 only supports up to 3200 MHz, overclockers will really need to use this RAM to show up at the genuine farthest reaches of that. The overclocking progressions give this RAM the opportunity for speeds up to 4700 MHz.

The extension of an aluminum head spreader moreover considers trustworthy memory cooling. You will find this to be a flat-out need have when pushing your PC beyond what many would consider possible. Overheating doesn’t commonly happen with Corsair, which is essential when working with the fastest open single string speed.

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In like manner, it has lifetime support from Corsair’s customer organizations. The available assurance moreover suffers perpetually, yet it is somewhat limited.

This RAM is furthermore easy to present with assistance for Intel XMP 2.0, thinking about one set. With no additional necessity for extra connections, this is a smooth advancement. The RGB incorporates also syncs with other Corsair things in case you are into making a uniform RGB experience.

2. G.Skill TridentZ – The Runner Up

best cheap RAM for i9-11900K CPUs

As the next, the 3200MHz matches our suspicions with the standard speed of the new i9. Considering this, the two are exceptionally feasible with respect to repeat. The sum of this goes with inertia sitting at 16-18-18-38 at 1.35V. Notwithstanding the lower megahertz and more weak warmth sink, this could well be the best RAM for i9-11900k.

Sponsorship on this beginnings at the Intel Z270 level, offering satisfactory assistance for anything fresher. This assistance makes G.Skill’s RAM more than fit for dealing with overclocking. It has a custom ten-layer PCB, which offers incredible sign adequacy.

Comparable to the Corsair models, you can expect abundant assistance for RGB settings. G.Skill’s arrangement doesn’t change very as adequately with various things there. Regardless, the novel arrangement is at this point genuine for the people who like that.

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Exactly when you present this RAM, you may need to look at the XMP profile to guarantee this is set up viably for your system. If you are sketchy about how you can do this, we will jump into how the XMP profile affects your RAM later.

3. Crucial Ballistix MAX – The Best for Extreme Overclock

Crucial Ballistix MAX

The Ballistix MAX boasts itself as one of the best RAM decisions for unbelievable overclocking. With speeds among their top line at 4000MHz. On any occasion one RAM model from Ballistix has a higher MHz, anyway, the new i9 will find a great deal of practicality abusing this current RAM’s power.

As you would expect, the much higher megahertz infers that this RAM is fairly pricier. In case you will a few hundred dollars extra dollars, that won’t be an issue. It similarly returns to the XMP 2.0 assistance, simplifying this to present with intel things.

You can re-try timing limits from the XMP profiles. It has a liberal aluminum heat spread, which is a requirement for things like this. It’s similarly reasonable with various RGB systems. The thin arrangement is a good chance when diverged from our principle decisions.

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It moreover contemplates an exactness temp sensor to promise you don’t overheat. Given that incredible overclocking isn’t for everyone and the expense is to some degree high, this one tracks down significant number three-space. In case your most raised need is the overclock potential, you can’t beat this.

4. Corsair Vengeance LPX – Best For Most i9-11900k Users

Corsair Vengeance LPX

On the occasion that you’re not looking for anything too crazy, your most brilliant decision is to return to the leader of RAM creators: Corsair. Corsair’s LPX bases on incredible RAM’s best features: Low opportunity, a solid aluminum heat displacer, and support for Intel XMP 2.0. The 32mm space fits a huge load of little structures.

While style isn’t the most raised need here, you can pick RAM tone to arrange with your style. You should not expect that that style ought to be RGB. Dependent upon your tendency, the shortfall of RGB might be another breath of air.

The LPX is 3200MHz, which matches the similitude with the standard features of the i9. Basically don’t expect that this model ought to be a limit beast at overclocking.

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Corsair really offers the decision of predominant overclocking. This power comes from a custom PCB, a profitable warmth spreader, and solid memory ICs. You may expect a worthwhile change from this, yet it is respectably similar to the Corsair model in our principle space.

5. OLOy DDR4 RAM – The Best Budget Ram


OLOy doesn’t have the power that goes with the Corsair brand of RAM. If you need confirmation, consider the number of overviews on Amazon between the two social events. Regardless, OLOy is at this point an association that produces unprecedented and functional RAM.

Shaving more than $50 off the expense of other commensurate RAMs, this model has a comparable repeat as the new i9. It does this with comparable 32GB DDR4 features, making it like our number four other option. It is like manner is reasonable with the latest Intel processors. Make sure to enable XMP to promise it clocks above 2133MHz.

The plan is interesting, however, don’t anticipate that it should be truly adjustable. There are no RGB highlights that accompany this. That implies it can save somewhat on energy, sitting at 1.35, which is like other RAM choices on this rundown in the event that you don’t consider overclocking.

XMP 2.0 gives the computerized overclocking tech, and it has prevalent warmth insurance through huge holes on the top. It likewise has a restricted lifetime guarantee, however, their client assistance doesn’t have as much help as some bigger names. Notwithstanding, OLOy offers an incredible item worth referencing.

6. Patriot Viper 4 Blackout Series DDR4 64GB (2 x 32GB) 3200MHz DRAM Kit

Patriot Viper 4 Blackout Series DDR4 64GB

Assume you attempt memory-serious assignments like complex code assemblage or 4K video altering. Around there, you may profit by 64GB RAM. Else on the off chance that you are here, you should be looking for the best RAM for Intel i9 11900K. The Patriot Viper 4 Blackout arrangement is there, offering you 2 x 32 GB which is equivalent to 64 GB RAM.

The similarity of this RAM is tried, and therefore, it’s demonstrated that it is viable with all the most recent Intel and AMD arrangement motherboards. As far as warmth wiping out errands, this memory gadget has an Aluminum heat spreader for quick interaction to disperse heat and for better cooling.

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The greatest recurrence speed of this RAM is 3200 MHz which offers amazing dependability. The fundamental standard capacity of a RAM is to help in performing errands; additionally, it stores information for the more limited term. For i9 11900K, you can without much of a stretch pick this RAM as it additionally has two RAM spaces extra for future redesigns.

The configuration of this memory is non-blunder checking and rectification with unbuffered DIMM. The measurements are 0.28 x 5.24 x 1.68 inches, and it weighs around 3.7 pounds. The voltage necessity of this Patriot Viper 4 Blackout is 1.35 volts.

7. Patriot Viper Steel PVS416G440C9K Performance Memory Kit

best RAM for i9-11900K CPUs

patriot has put its Viper Steel memory pack ahead with regards to interest for a very good quality potential. For your i9 11900K Intel center CPU, you need to snatch this memory unit by Patriot as it will satisfy every one of them beyond what standard assumptions you can have. The Patriot Viper Steel memory pack has a force of 4400 megahertz.

It utilizes Samsung B-Die IC’s which are impressive for their adaptability and flexibility to overclocking. In any event, running high voltages effortlessly to get that last ounce of execution. The base recurrence of this memory pack is 2133 MHz, however, it tends to be overclocked to 4400 MHz with the help of XMP 2.0.

The base timings are 15-15-15-36 and overclock timings are 19-19-19-39. The memory limit of this unit is 2 x 8 GB/16GB, and the sort of memory is DDR4. To give better warmth disposal work, it has Aluminum heat safeguards with gunmetal dark sides.

The similarity of this RAM is with every one of the most recent models of Intel and AMD. The elements of this Patriot memory unit are 1.75 x 5.34 x 0.28 inches, and it weighs around 3.39 pounds. The voltage this memory pack needs to work is 1.45 volts.

Buyer’s Guide For Best RAM for i9-11900K CPUs

You should have such countless inquiries as a main priority about how to choose the ideal RAM for your i9 11900K processor as these choices were made just once not over and over.

Above we have made an honest effort to give the most valid alternatives to your gaming Intel i9 processor. So it’s quite broad as at whatever point you are choosing any article you need to make a couple of things viable.

Here is a portion of the tips you need to go through prior to choosing RAM for your processor:

Memory limit

The limit of the memory in a RAM is all reliant upon the value you are contributing. The memory changes from 2GB to a limitless point. For fundamental clients who don’t do a lot of stuff yet do surfing over the web need just 4GB RAM which is all that anyone could need for them.

Gamers who like to do weighty gaming with mainstreaming do require memory of 8GB. Everything relies on the more the better as RAM gets information as well as helps in to perform various errands.

Memory Speed

The speed of the memory is normally estimated in megahertz and is meant by MHz. the clock speed is essentially the occasions in a second the RAM can get to its memory.

The standard speed of RAM is 2133 MHz and it tends to be helped up to a further degree. The memory units which we have introduced you above a large portion of having the 2133 MHz and can be overclocked to 4400 MHz.

Warmth Spreaders

During overclocking the RAM produces heat to wipe out the warmth from the memory pack it has heat spreaders in it. In any case, on the off chance that we see by and large RAMs needn’t bother with heat spreaders as they don’t run that quick however in limits. To the extent inside the case, the air is disregarding the memory pack you don’t have to stress. At any rate, those RAMs which we have given you above have the warmth spreaders.


In the remainder of this article, we will go through some basic inquiries you may experience when purchasing RAM. We will probably ensure that you are prepared when the new RAM comes out.

What does single string execution mean?

Single string execution reveals to us the measure of work needed to finish a solitary string of guidelines. The quicker the application’s reaction time, the better your CPU is on execution.

As per CPUBenchmark, the new i9-11900K processor has the most noteworthy single-string execution contrasted with any remaining models accessible right now.

How would you utilize XMP profiles?

XMP, also called Extreme Memory Profiles, is an innovation presented by Intel that gives you different profiles to change memory settings. For overclocking aficionados, this permits them to change various settings in memory to begin overclocking without any problem. For certain RAMs, you should set up XMP profiles to exploit the publicized MHz.

How would you set up an XMP profile?

  1. Download CPU-Z, a freeware framework that permits you to see your RAM timings. This program doesn’t permit you to change settings; it just permits you to see that your RAM runs at anticipated settings.
  2. Reach your PC BIOS by hitting F10, F2, or another key. You will see the necessary catch expected to get to your BIOS with your PC’s boot screen.
  3. Search for XMP in the BIOS and take a gander at the part that alludes to profiles. Normally, you should simply change to the next profile to coordinate with your prerequisites.
  4. Make sure that XMP is additionally set to “empowered.”
  5. Check CPU-Z to be certain your progressions show up in the RAM.

Is it awful to empower XMP?

As a rule, XMP profiles carry your RAM to run at the promoted recurrence. Nonetheless, XMP profiles can likewise help you in overclocking your PC.

Whenever you overclock, you permit your PC to run at better execution. Notwithstanding, that better accompanies the capability of insecurity.

With a large number of these high-level RAMs, you will effortlessly investigate their temperature. On the off chance that the temp gets excessively high, you might need to pull back your overclocking a piece.

How would you physically overclock your RAM?

Follow the means recorded above to arrive at your PC’s XMP settings. You will likewise need to download CPU-Z for this so you can follow the circumstance tables to see the speed up.

When you enter your BIOS, you will need to search for something many refer to as the AI tweaker. Start by following the means above to guarantee XMP is empowered and the profile is at your RAM’s publicized levels.

Play out a pressure test on your RAM to guarantee that this setting is steady. It will permit you to test the solidness and nature of your RAM before you start overclocking.

When this is completely done, you can change by increases:

  • You should build DRAM voltage in additions of .015v. You will see this setting in the BIOS.
  • It is ideal to build your CPU VCCIO Voltage and CPU framework specialist by augmentations of .05v.
  • Ensure that the timings are recorded before staying at similar settings.

With each increment in voltage, you will need to test for soundness prior to moving to the following voltage level. Try not to attempt and ability voltage levels, as you may wind up breaking segments in your PC.

Final Thoughts

As an update, our main RAM elective for the new i9-11900k is the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB DDR4 3600MHz. With an awesome RGB body and inconceivable aluminum head displacer, this RAM is the best option around.

Extraordinary overclocking opens the capacity of this i9 RAM awe-inspiring phenomenon. In the event that you’re on a tight spending plan or need extra overclocking, there are various choices available on this summary. Whatever your need, chances are we can help you.

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