7 Best Monitors For Graphic Design In 2022 – 4K Screen

In order to give excellent work to your customers, you must do one thing. Best Monitors For Graphic Design, And that is the technology you are using should match with those standards which are running among the professionals. Especially the display which means monitor you’re using in your graphic designing projects. Because the monitor plays an important role in your graphic designing projects.

Professional graphic designers should look towards the monitors which give them the best feeling of extreme performance. The professional graphic designing demand for the highest resolution available. And must have the advanced and latest options available means connectivity with the other devices.

We are giving you the best range of monitors which are available easily and help you with your projects. We had shortlisted some brands which are best for your projects. They will help you with your work. So let’s check to see them one by one.



For graphic designers, this is amazing. This monitor has a premium panel that delivers accurate colors and sharp images. The plus point of this monitor is it has a frameless design that provides you seamless viewing experience in different setups. And this monitor has ultra-wide viewing angles. The benefit of this feature is that you will see detailed images when you will work on the project.

This monitor is loaded with the DisplayPort, mini display port, dual HDMI inputs, and four USB 3.0 ports. They give you the facility to connect to a variety of many other devices. The benefit of this feature is that you will do your work seamlessly. With this connectivity, you can complete your projects easily. Because if you will need anything you can attach that object easily as it’s connectivity with other devices is very excellent.

Uniformity of colors across the screen is very important in order to achieve the accurate display and editing of pictures. Without these features, any project performed on an ordinary monitor will cause wrong color adjustments. Color uniformity function ensures continuous chromaticity and luminosity across the screen. This means you will get accurate true color from edge to edge, every time for your projects.


  • The View Sonic VP2468 is a perfect choice for you. If you are in the graphic designing field because you can expand your graphic designing career easily with it.
  • It gives you the perfect display because the color scheme is awesome. And you can magnify every small project during your work.


  • It cost 250 dollars which is very costly as compared to other brands in the market.



This monitor has awesome Video Intelligence Technology which enhances color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness to provide you perfect image. The monitor has 6 preset video modes including a night mode. This is very best when you are working during the night because it doesn’t hurt your eyes and you do your work properly.

The monitor has a very sleek design, but the design is not enough. The VE278Q LED monitor has boasting reliability and stability. Another attractive feature of this monitor is its handy VGA (D-Sub) and dual HDMI ports mean a connection to PCs and Consoles (or other devices) simultaneously. With these features, you can do your work regarding graphic design easily.

One more feature of this monitor is that it has VESA mountable (100 x 100mm) with an easily detachable base. So you can remove this base whenever you want. This flexibility is achieved by its slim design and provides you a clean look.

The monitor contains ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio technology (ASCR). This measures how dark a screen is required because of a high dynamic contrast ratio. This monitor delivers a more defined image especially in the night when you do your intense work.


  • This Monitor has perfect size and quality for working from home connected to a working laptop.
  • This monitor is easy to set up and provides you the high definition video quality and image quality. This is the need for graphic design.


  • The size of the monitor is very large. This is its drawback because it covers a lot of space.


3) BenQ BL2420PT 24 inch QHD 1440p Monitor

This monitor has a display of 2K/QHD with over 77% working space as compared with 1920×1080 FHD displays. And it offers you the clearest, most detailed image. So you can use this image for your projects regarding graphic designing.

The monitor is equipped with IPS technology offering you a wider view angle and you have exceptional clarity and vivid image quality through all angles. This feature is also very important in graphic design because you can see the object from a different angle.

This monitor works with 100% sRGB. It contains 709 color space where more than 1 billion accurate colors are produced on the screen for professional photo editing and graphic designing. The color scheme is very important in graphic design.

The most revolutionary feature of this monitor is CAD/CAM mode which offers you superior contrast on 3D color lines. You can clearly differentiate the details between complicated object wireframes. This feature of this monitor is very demanding and making it different from others.

This monitor has an amazing mode which is animation mode which enhances details of your object in dark shadows so you can fine-tune creations easily. And the areas that do not require this function or you say these areas are not in dark shadow remain unchanged.


  • In this price range, this monitor is perfect. Because it has all features which expensive monitor have.
  • It has a crisp display that shows many detailed pics and when you connect with MacBook the result is awesome.


  • The back of the monitor is angled in a very difficult way that adding things will be a bit more difficult as compared to others.


4) Acer G277HL Abid 27-Inch Full HD Monitor

Now you can set your display according to your sight with Acer E Color Management. The great sights look even better by stunning and sharp colors via Acer Adaptive Contrast Management technology.

This monitor has sport a super-slim size with an X-shaped stand. This is provided by the company that lets the monitor fit nicely in any space of any size. This feature is very attractive for users because so many users have space issues.

Now you can hook your smartphone on the MHL port1 to larger your perspective to a wider screen and charging its battery at the same time. So it’s mean it can perform a dual function. You can also connect other devices with this monitor because it has so many ports.

These monitors are RoHS compliant, which means they use mercury-free white LED backlighting. They full fill those requirements that are set by energy star. Acer has economic technologies which save your 68% of power, which saves your energy and cut down your costs. And another plus point is  Acer packaging is that it is made of recyclable materials.


  • This is a great monitor in this price range. Because the images are very sharp and clear like an expensive monitor.
  • It has a dual monitor setup which is a very attractive feature of this monitor.


  • This monitor lacks vasa mounting which is one of the draws back of this monitor.



This monitor has compact dimensions—this 27” inch the display has a very narrow bezel of just 0.8cm in size. And bringing a broader and better vision for you without compromising on quality and comfort. So, you can complete your task easily and done your graphic designing work very easily because it shows you a very detailed image.

This monitor is also VESA wall mount compatible and has the ability to turn into a good multi-screen option. The VESA option is very important nowadays. Because everybody wants a good display and a good display is the only achievable when you will mount it on the wall.

This monitor is perfect for a multi-screen solution with a super narrow frame. And this monitor comes with an ergonomic stand which is very convenient in use.

This monitor has MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) function which enhances your display when you view from mobile to monitor. It is also another catchy function of this monitor.

This monitor comes with ergonomic design for tilt, pivot, swivel, and has height adjustments. The company ensures that you find a comfortable viewing experience. This company used vivid pixel technology. So that you can find crystal-clear and detail-oriented enjoyment.


  • This monitor has ips panel which produces more define and brilliant colors.
  • This monitor has smaller bezels on the screen.


  • The brightness of this monitor is extremely intense which sometimes hurts your eyes.


6) View Sonic VP2780-4K 27″ 4K Monitor

This monitor is 4K UHD (3840×2160) 60Hz SuperClear IPS monitor. It delivers you a perfect and detailed image. This is perfect for graphic designers because in graphic designing you need detailed images.

This monitor has sharp color accuracy because it has a 14-bit 3D look-up table and pre-installed Delta E≤2 which provides a color palette of up to 4.39 trillion colors on your display. And the result is a sharp and clear image which a professional graphic designer wants.

This monitor contains Preset EBU and Gamma corrections. This is ideal for graphic designing and video production and editing.

This monitor has flexible connectivity. It can be attached to the laptops, PCs, and Apple/Mac operating systems with HDMI, USB, and DisplayPort input cables.

This monitor provides superior color management and performance for graphic creation. So, you can complete your task regarding graphic design, print, and other professional applications easily.

This monitor allows digital stuff from mobile devices to be displayed on a larger screen, while also charging the batteries of the mobile device at the same time. And you can do both works at the same time which is a very smart thing regarding this monitor.


  • The image shows by this monitor are in much detailed which show by other expensive monitors.
  • The display of this monitor is extremely massive and crisp and you can enjoy the images.


  • There is one problem regarding display port/ thunderbolt or HDMI.


7) Philips 246E9QDSB – 24″ – Monitor

This monitor has Ultra Wide-Color Technology. It delivers a wider range of colors for more brilliant images. And you can enjoy crisp and clear image through this technology

This monitor has ultra thunderbolt from three of its sides which looks very attractive. It also contains a small base which means it has small feet on your desk.

This monitor has serge color space which presents the image in detail which is very important for graphic designing. Because as I mentioned earlier the detailed image is necessary.

Another good thing about this monitor is it covers 108 % of nets color space. It is again very important in graphic designing tasks.


  • This monitor has Ultra-slim bezels and a narrow base which means it will cover less space.
  • This monitor is very budget-friendly.


  • This monitor has no speaker which means you have to attach an external speaker.



In this article, we will discuss each and everything about the monitors for graphic design. We covered 7 top brands of monitors which are best for graphic designing. We also discuss the pros and cons of all the brands. We had done our research first which was consisted of weeks and then we found the best brand for you and wrote them in our article. We are very hopeful that our article will very helpful to you.

Now buying the best monitors for graphic design is no more difficult because each and everything is mentioned above. When you will buy a monitor you just have to do one thing. Read our article and decide because we spend too much time on our research and then wrote all the content. We hope you will be satisfied with our article and give positive feedback. Thanks for reading our article.

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