5 Best Lenses for Nikon D3100 in 2022

In our article, we have reviewed some best lenses for Nikon D3100 of different types. We give you the information in this article and then you select the lens according to your photography needs. We also give you a comparison table which helps you choose the best lens for yourself.

Nikon is a globally famous brand, which has been providing the best cameras and lenses to consumers for so many years now. The cameras which are made by Nikon are not only easy to use but are fun when you shooting. Nikon is very popular among consumers because it is very easy to use it.

Qualities you looking in the best lenses for Nikon D3100:

The Nikon D3100 is one of the best cameras from the brand for so many years. It has amazing features to record HD 1080p movies plus it provides an excellent live view mode on important events. The other pros of this camera are it has a long-lasting battery too.

D3100 is indeed an advanced update from its previous D3000. It contains more features from the previous one. It contains a faster  EXPEED II image processor. It includes autofocus that can be used even when you recording.


1. NIKON 50MM F/1.4G AF-S:

Nikon 50mm f/1.4G is loved by consumers for 3 reasons. The lens is very sharp when it take images, it has lightweight. It helps take rich, colorful, and amazing images. This lens has some amazing features that’s why we included this lens in our article.

This is a professional-grade lens. Nikon 50mm f/1.4G is perfect for professional photographers as well as enough for those who are looking for a quality lens for everyday use. In short, it is perfect for both categories professional and amateur. The good thing about the lens is its aperture is f/1.4 which works well, even in the low light scenario. The depth of the field of the lens is very smart and efficient. It is very easy to isolate the objects in the background. This lens also renders the objects and provides a stunning background.

The construction of this lens is very good. The lens has a good solid build. The lens contains plastic outside and includes a metal mount. The lens is a little bigger in size and the weight of the lens is just 95 grams. It is a little bit heavier when you compared to the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G. There are a lot of changes in this model e.g the big change in the filter size too as it has been changed to 58mm from 52mm.

The focus ring of the lens is positioned at the front of the lens barrel. The benefit of this positioning is it is easy to focus manually using just using your index fingers or thumb. The lens contains the Silent Wave Motor, but it is said that the autofocus is a little slow when you compared this lens with Nikon 50mm f/1.4D.

Overall, the lens is a lightweight lens that is compact and rich in colors with a very creamy texture. The images taken from these lenses are very sharp, even it provides extreme corners.


  • This lens is a fast lens ideal for low light photography, Means it work perfectly when there is low light
  • The lens contains Nikon silent wave Motor (SWM)


  • The autofocus of the lens is a little slow



This is an affordable tile-macro lens from the Nikon company. The lens comes with some excellent features like internal focusing, good reproduction ratio, and a vibration reduction.

The lens also contains a Silent wave motor which gives you an immediate and quiet auto-focus during shoots. It has outstanding options like full-time manual autofocus. Its compatibility with Nikon DSLR cameras makes it the best lens available in the market nowadays.

The lens replaces its previous version the Nikon 50mm f/1.8D. The lens is the very first lens from Nikon that is used aspherical elements. This feature is not seen in previous lenses.

The lens contains great durability, and due to the use of a massive lens barrel, the lens element does not extend or rotate during the shoot. The lens also contains the silent wave motor, which provides silent autofocus during shoots. The lens is very compatible you can pair it with even the amateur-level camera bodies like the Nikon D5100.

The lens contains the Nikon’s Super Integrated coating which helps to reduce ghosting and flare during shoots. The lens works smoothly with both FX and DX sensors of Nikon. But in general practice, it is well-work with FX sensors for daytime photography.

The build of the lens is compact. It contains solid and has a plastic exterior. The weight of the lens is very light. It weighs about 187 grams and it is just 31 grams heavier when you compared to its previous version. But it contains so many features. Budget wise, this lens is a great lens that gives sharp images throughout the frame. The images provided by this lens has balanced colors and skin tones.


  • It has pleasing bokeh
  • You controlled this lens  when it  comes to geometric distortion


  • Some consumers complained of slight Chromatic aberrations.


3. NIKON AF-S 28MM F/1.8 G:

If you are looking for a wide-angle feature to your videos and images. Then this lens is the perfect choice for you. The fast wide-angle prime lens is a perfect match lens for Nikon D3100. This lens is loved by professional photographers, landscapists, and travel photographers.

The aperture of this lens makes it unique, the maximum aperture of this lens is f/1.8. The benefit of this feature lets the user capture some excellent images in any light condition weather it has low or bright conditions. Either it is dusk or dawn or indoors or outdoors. This lens offers excellent control of the depth of the field.

The lens also contains the Nano Crystal Coating the benefit of this feature is it helps reduce any reflections or flare. It improving the clarity as well as the contrast of the image. The lens puts up an excellent performance on both FX DX cameras. You must have this lens if you are into travel, architecture, landscape photography.

The protection is great for this lens. The company sealed the body of the lens to protect it from moisture and dust. You can use this lens with similar camera bodies to shoot in any condition. The lens comes in the package it included a lens hood that protects it from damage and flare.

The lens contains silent wave motor like most of the other Nikon lenses. This lens provides fast and quiets autofocusing. The focus provides by the lens is internal. The best thing about the lens is the length of the lens does not change when the focus is change.

The lens is a capable lens that mostly likes by landscape photographers. This lens is also attractive for those who are always in the search for some excellent out-of-focus objects or bokeh.


  • The lens contains a built-in autofocus motor
  • The lens contains a lens hood which provides good protection


  • This lens doesn’t provide Image stabilization


4. NIKON 18-140MM F/3.5-5.6G:

This lens is one of the best all-purpose lenses available nowadays. the lens is an excellent choice for the professional photographer. You should say thanks to its versatility. This lens can be used as a wide-angle lens which provides a focal length of 18mm, and it can go up to 140mm. These all features making this lens a perfect lens when you need that type of zoom.

The lens contains absolutely no distortion. Due to this feature, the lens helps you capture the best quality images. The compatibility of the lens is great it can be perfectly paired with your Nikon D3100 camera. Like other lenses provided by Nikon, the 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G provide some awesome features. Which makes this lens perfect for a professional photographer.

This lens support DX-format, the 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G has a 7.9x zoom ratio. The lens can be used with a focal range of 27-220mm. If we talk about the optical, the lens has a total of 17 elements from 13 groups, and these groups include one ED and an aspherical lens. The weight of the lens is about 490 grams and has an awesome build quality.

The lens has an amazing feature of the vibration reduction technology from Nikon. The benefit of this technology prevents the formation of a blur when you take images. This blur occurs due to shaky hands. The company uses a silent wave motor in this lens which makes the autofocus quick and quiet.

The features of this lens are very limited which include an internal focus mechanism. The focus switch to shift from auto to manual focus automatically. The image stabilization system of the lens is amazing. The lens does not contain a distance scale or you can say a depth of field scale.

The company doesn’t claim that the lens is weatherproof. The company installs rubber seal around the lens which protects it from moisture and dust. The lens is famous due to the accurate focal length the users can use only one option at one time.

This lens is the best lens for amateur as it gives a perfect image even when you are trying to take images randomly.


  • This lens has vibration reduction technology
  • Silent Wave Motor installed in this lens


  • The weight of the lens can be a little too heavy for some users


5. NIKON 55-200MM F/4-5.6

The lens contains a compact telephoto zoom feature which makes it unique. This is one of the best lenses due to these features because these features don’t present in other competitors. The lens offers a unique focal range of 83.5_350mm which makes it unique. The benefit of this feature is it comes with built-in autofocus which gives details to the image.

The lens also contains rounded 9 blades, the benefit of the blades is it provide details to that area that are out of focus. The lens also features a super Integrated Coating which makes it very beneficial. That coating contains 13 lens elements, these blades are arranged into nine groups.

The lens comes in very lightweight the weight of the lens is about 250 grams. The size of the lens is also very small you can carry it easily. The construction quality of the lens is very incredible


  • The lens has good center sharpness
  • The lens features an attractive bokeh


  • The lens focusing is not internal



Those mentioned lenses in our article are some of the best lenses that you can choose for your Nikon D3100 camera. One thing that you Make sure to choose that lens that suits your style of photography. So what you do now, grab your camera and pick out the right lens for your camera and get started.

In our article in the starting, we tell you the importance of lens that how much the lens is important just like the camera. Then we tell you the best brands of lenses for the D3100 camera then we tell you the features of these brands. In the end, we discuss some pros and cons of these brands. We tell you each and everything about these brands. Now just read our article and then buy a lens for your camera.

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