5 Best Lenses for Car Photography in 2022

In this article, we have to go through the best lenses for car photography. We also give you a comparison table and a detailed buyer’s guide which helps you to choose the best lens according to your needs. At the end of our article, you will able to find the best lenses for car photography.

Car photography is a very amazing and quite interesting field. This field becomes more interesting and exciting when you have the right lens in your bag. If you have the craze to take pictures of amazing cars. As a hobby or as a professional photographer. Then there are some aspects you need to consider a lens for your hobby.

Taking that professional shot is not as difficult as many people think. This perfection required the best camera and the best lens. You need the best lens for car photography. Some useful thought a little bit of patience and some time and a few tricks.

Well, as experts we suggest that there is no point even when you don’t have the best camera if you do not have the best lenses for your camera to make the best use of it. Then there is no use of it.

Top 5 Best Lenses for Car Photography



The lens is the very first of the ultra-wide-angle L series lens made by Canon. This lens has an amazing feature of image stabilization. The lens also contains two excellent Ultra-low dispersion elements and a super spectra coating. The benefit of this feature is that it helps in reducing the flare and the ghosting.

The lens has some amazing protection technology. The lens contains the fluorine coating on its front side and the rear elements. The benefit of these coatings is it protects it from dust and water.

Some of the other amazing features of this lens are it contains an ultrasonic focus motor. This lens has a circular aperture provided with nine blades and a  silent and high-performance autofocus. With such outstanding features, this lens is a perfect lens for car and landscape photography.

The lens is a professional L series lens provided with an ultra-wide zoom. Remember this lens is not too big or doesn’t look bulky one more feature that it is not heavy at the same time. Although the price is a little high, it has an amazing build quality. This lens is one of the best premium lenses from Canon company.

The lens feels very solid when you hold it in your hand. The outer barrel, as well as the filter thread also give perfect feeling when you work on it, Remember it is made of plastic. The best thing about this lens is its focusing ring is very wide and comes with a rubber grip band. Remember it does not include an aperture ring. The lens also contains a distance scale which is very handy when you have to click some images in the outer environment.

The lens has the best feature it offers excellent image stabilization. This feature can be easily activated when you using the on and an off switch. This switch is provided on one side of the lens. If you have that type of camera body that supports the IS technology. The benefit of this feature is the lens to detect the intentional panning movement. The lens is automatically switched to the Panning IS mode from the normal mode and you get the perfect image.


  • This lens provides an excellent wide-angle zoom.
  • This lens provides great image quality


  • The lens lack of sharpness



If you want to buy a decent wide-angle lens you can go for Tamron SP 35mm f/1.8 Di VC USD. The lens is best for newcomers who want to buy the best lens for car photography. This lens has been used by several car photographers.

This lens can be used along with full-frame cameras like Canon, Sony, and Nikon, etc. This lens gives you perfect results when you used this lens with these cameras.

The maximum aperture provided by the lens is f/1.8. The lens uses the VC or Vibration Compensation technology. The benefit of this feature is it provides excellent image stabilization. The amazing feature of this lens is it has a very quiet autofocus operation. These all features are due to the use of an ultrasonic focus motor.

The lens has outstanding technology of moisture-proof protection, which improves its durability over the years. The minimum focus distance provided by this lens is 0.3m and has a maximum reproduction ratio provided by this lens is of 1:2.6.

The lens is one of big and a massive lens and its measurement about 9cms and weighs 470gms. You can also use this lens over a small APS-C body. But it is more compatible with full-frame cameras from Canon or Nikon.

The lens feels very solid when you hold it in your hand. The outer barrel, as well as the filter thread also gives perfect feeling when you work on it. You should thank the company that they use the metal in the outer barrel along with a filter thread. The lens has an amazing feature it offers outstanding image stabilization. This feature can be easily activated when you using the on and an off switch. This switch is provided on one side of the lens.


  • This lens is lighter than its rivals lenses
  • This lens has an appealing price


  • This lens has barrel distortion.


3. SIGMA 100-400MM F5-6.3 DG OS HSM

This lens is one of the compact and lightweight telephoto zoom lens that works remarkably well when you paired this lens with full-frame DSLR cameras.

The lens maximizes the focal length smartly and this lens contains a rounded 9 blade diaphragm. The benefit of this feature is it helps to create a blur around the out of focus objects. The lens also contains optical image stabilization. It also contains a hypersonic motor that helps with silent autofocus.

Some of the other features that this lens contains the inclusion of a zoom lock switch. This lens has a manual override option that can be activated automatically when you using the focus ring. This lens has an amazing feature of When autofocus is in use than the impressive water repellent coating provided on the rear and the front side of the lens. This lens also contains a cloud of dust and splash-proof material.

The lens is very light in weight and weighs of the lens is about 1160 grams. The measurement of the lens is about 18.2 cm. The lightweight makes this lens compact and easy to carry. The lens feels at home when you mounted this lens on a full-frame camera. This is the one you can easily hold this lens for a long time. Thus the lens also extends a little bit when you zoomed from 100mm to 400mm.

The build of the lens is awesome and it includes a plastic shell. The company uses both plastic and metallic parts for construction inside and outside. The optical elements of the lens are made using high-quality apparatus. It also includes 4 SLD glass elements. The benefit of this feature is it helps eliminate the color fringing and any chromatic aberrations if there is any.

When you talk about the features, the Sigma 100-400mm has all those features you might expect from a professional lens. The lens contains a feature of vibration reduction. This feature is activated by the switch located on one side of the barrel.


This lens has an affordable price tag

This lens has Lightweight and easy to use and you can carry it around


The manual focus of the lens override does not work well or as we expected



This is an affordable tile-macro lens from the Nikon company. The lens comes with some excellent features like internal focusing, good reproduction ratio, and a vibration reduction.

The lens has a Silent wave motor which gives you an immediate and quiet auto-focus during shoots of cars. It has outstanding options like full-time manual autofocus. Its compatibility is great which makes it the best lenses available in the market nowadays.

The lens replaces its previous version the Nikon 50mm f/1.8D. The lens is the very first lens from Nikon that is used aspherical elements. This feature is not seen in previous lenses.

The lens contains great durability, and due to the use of a massive lens barrel, the lens element does not extend or rotate during the shoot of cars. The lens also contains the silent wave motor, which provides silent autofocus during shoots. The lens is very compatible you can pair it with even the amateur-level camera bodies like the Nikon D5100.

The lens contains the Nikon’s Super Integrated coating which helps to reduce ghosting and flare during shoots. The lens works smoothly with both FX and DX sensors of Nikon. But in general practice, it is well-work with FX sensors for daytime photography.

The build of the lens is compact. It contains solid and has a plastic exterior. The weight of the lens is very light. It weighs about 187 grams and it is just 31 grams heavier when you compared to its previous version. But it contains so many features. Budget wise, this lens is a great lens that gives sharp images throughout the frame. The images provided by this lens has balanced colors and skin tones.


  • It has pleasing bokeh
  • You controlled this lens  when it
  • comes to geometric distortion


  • Some consumers complained of slight Chromatic aberrations.


5. CANON EF 70-200MM F2.8L IS II USM

The lens contains some cool features which make it an excellent lens. This lens holds top position around for a decade. But now it is more efficient because it has seen several upgrades from the past so many years. This lens is known to be the best of the lenses among the competitors.

The company gives a new upgrade which provides the lens incredible coating. The benefit of this feature helps to reduce the flare and ghosting which makes the image quality better.

You all reader think that what thing makes it unique. So we tell you this lens is known for its incredible focal length which makes it better. The company put canon EF 1.6x teleconverter in this lens. These features make this lens perfect for use. You can easily change the focal range of about 150-500mm when the aperture is f/6.6.


  • The camera contains excellent build quality
  • The camera features great image quality


  • The price of the lens is a little bit high



Those mentioned lenses in our article are some of the best lenses that you can choose for car photography.  One thing that you Make sure to choose that lens that suits your style of photography. So what you do now, grab your camera and pick out the right lens for car photography.

In our article in the starting, we tell you the importance of lens in car photography that how much the lens is important just like the camera. Then we tell you the best brands of lenses for car photography. Then we tell you the features of these brands. In the end, we discuss some pros and cons of these brands. We tell you each and everything about these brands. Now just read our article and then buy a lens for your profession.

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