Top 7 Best Gaming Monitors Under 400 Dollars 2022

Welcome to be here So you are here to get the Best Gaming Monitors Under 400 dollars which meet your needs and in between your budget.  So you’ve in right place we will provide you full detail along with recommended monitors.

If that’s the case, let me tell you that you can get one among the best displays during this price range. There’s little question that many professionals find their best gaming monitors under the 400 USD price point.

We recommend Alienware 25 if you would like gaming also looks like a high 240 Hz refresh rate.

Besides that, if you’re trying to find a monitor with one among the simplest value within the market, we recommend the AOC Agon AG271QX. It is often a 27-inch monitor with QHD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate.

Finally, we discover Dell S2417DG as another awesome monitor with excellent value. If you would like a 24-inch model but with all the best competitive specs, then you’ll love this display.

Besides that, we’ve listed many other monitors that you can inspect below. All of them have varying advantages.

Moreover about Best Gaming Monitors Under 400 Dollars

You may wonder what about the astronomically expensive displays, are they worth it?

Well, those displays are certainly great. However, they’re built for enthusiasts who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to satisfy their man cave.

As far as professional gaming cares, a monitor under 400 USD can deliver an excellent experience.

There is even a gaming monitor that will be had for fewer than 200 dollars, so you’ll only imagine what gaming monitors under 400 would desire.

We will check out a number of the displays briefly. We hope that you will find our list of best gaming monitors under 400 compelling.


1. Top Pick Alienware AW2518Hf 

I am sure you all saw this coming. there’s no other monitor within the market compared to the features and value that this offers.

For starters, check it out! it’s like someone just took a bit off the International space platform to place this monitor together. What a beauty.

Alienware has truly set a replacement standard. Note that the majestic stand is fully ergonomic.

Besides that, this monitor features a unique screen size of 25 inches and offers a reaction time of 1 ms with a TN panel installed.

One of the most important features of this monitor is that the 240 Hz refresh rate. This monitor is pushing the bounds of a high refresh rate on the monitors.

It also has AMD FreeSync to assist you with the screen tearing and stuttering that you can expect with operating games on high frame rates.

This monitor’s biggest drawback is that it only offers FHD resolution, while the remainder of the monitors during this list are all WQHD. It also lacks a USB Hub.

In the end, if you appreciate looks and a tournament-grade refresh rate, then this is often one of the simplest gaming monitors under 400 USD.


2. Dell S2719DGF – 27 Inch

This monitor features a very close twin, the Dell Gaming S2716DGR, which is more or less an equivalent in specs except it offers Nvidia G-Sync instead and is costlier.

So if you’ve got an Nvidia Graphics card, you’d naturally choose that option.

This particular monitor might be seen as a small improvement over its twin because it not only offers slightly higher refresh rates of 155 Hz (overclock) but is additionally less expensive.

It has a TN panel with a reaction time of 1 ms and a resolution of 2560×1440. Furthermore, it also offers an ergonomic represent tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustability.

As far because the sheer value cares for this price, this monitor holds the title. For a no brainer gaming monitor that gives all the quality features that a gamer seeks, this is often an ideal monitor.

It does have a couple of drawbacks, though. For starters, it doesn’t offer any USB hub. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any inbuilt speakers. Although inbuilt speakers are so important for gamers, they’re great for infrequent use.

The bottom line is that Dell carries a way of quality with its name. Therefore, if you try to find a WQHD monitor with 1ms reaction time, this is often among the simplest gaming monitors under 400 USD.


3. AOC Agon AG271QX – 27 Inch 

This display is one of the closest to the 400 USD home in this list. This 27 inch maybe a gaming monitor from every angle.

Its exquisite robotic looks to its powerful internals. This monitor reeks of gaming.

This display offers a 144 Hz refresh rate alongside 1 ms reaction time.

It harbors a TN panel, which is the most widespread panel type for gaming monitors.

Other than that, it offers an adjustable stand, an array of connectivity options, and a 2K resolution.

You will truly need a strong PC to utilize all the features this monitor offers at maximum settings.

Another goodie this display offers may be a QuickSwitch Keypad, which allows you to modify between three customized gaming modes.

Lastly, it offers AMD FreeSync to scale back stuttering and screen tear. The adaptive sync may be a highly important feature for a monitor with such a high refresh rate.

It also comes installed with speakers though there’s a high chance that you will never use them. As you’ll see, this display may be a complete package because it leaves no stone unturned.

Overall, once we check out performance/dollar value, this one is among the simplest gaming monitors under 400 USD.


4. VIOTEK GN27DB – 27 Inch –  Curved Gaming Monitors Under 400

If you would like all the specs that we talked about within the AOC Agon AG271QX and Dell S2719DGF short reviews above but at a much lower cost, then you want to have a glance at this beauty.

Granted, Viotek isn’t as famous as AOC or Dell, but the reviews this monitor has received certainly prove that this display is worthwhile.

As such, this display offers a 27-inch display with QHD resolution and 144 Hz reaction time. Unlike the two famous 27 inch monitors above, this is often also curved, thus supplying you with a way better value.

On the downside, since this monitor doesn’t harbor a TN panel. Instead, it features a VA panel which offers far better colors but suffers from slower reaction time.

This monitor features a reaction time of about 5 ms.

If you don’t mind investing in a somewhat lesser-known brand, this is often absolutely one among the simplest gaming monitors under 400 USD.


5. ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD – 32 Inch – Large Screen Gaming Monitors Under 400

As far because the screen itself cares, this is often among the simplest gaming monitors under 400.

it is a gigantic 32-inch monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate and a QHD resolution. On top of that, it’s also curved.

Although a curved screen is more suitable for better immersion on a 21:9 ratio screen as compared to 16:9, it’s still an excellent feature to possess.

The only relative drawback of this display compared to others is that it’s a reaction time of 5 ms.

It is because it harbors a VA panel rather than a TN panel. The great news is that the VA panel allows.

To possess a static contrast ratio 3 times the maximum amount as a TN panel. It suggests you get deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Although this might not be the many specified sizes, this monitor is great for productivity and gaming.


6. Dell S2417DG – 24 Inch – 165 Hz WQHD Gaming Monitors Under 400

Why spend top dollar on a bigger screen once you can get far better specs at a way lower cost on a smaller screen.

For most, 24-inch size is an ideal size. It’s a perfect size for those that sit very on the brink of displays.

This monitor offers WQHD resolution, NVIDIA G Sync, also as a reaction time of 1 ms.

Perhaps the simplest aspect of this display is that it’s a refresh rate of 165 Hz. So if you’ve got capable hardware, why limit your gaming to only 144 frame rates once you can take it all the high to 165 Hz?

You get all this at a price less than the 27-inch monitors listed above. Furthermore, this monitor offers an ergonomic stand also as a great connectivity option.


7. Asus VP28UQG – 28 Inch – Best Gaming Monitors Under 400

it is a 4K gaming monitor under 400 price ranges. it’s very almost like ASUS MG28UQ as far because the performance cares.

Although it’s going not to have an ergonomic stand or as great looks as its sibling ASUS MG28UQ, Asus VP28UQG has an unparalleled performance/dollar value for a 4k monitor.

If you came here trying to find a 4K monitor, this might be the simplest gaming monitor under 400 for you.

When you buy a 4K monitor like this, you want to sacrifice a high refresh rate. You can’t find a mixture of high refresh rate and a 4k monitor at this price point.

As such, these monitors are only entry-level gaming monitors, but great for productivity.

Nevertheless, this display does offer AMD FreeSync also as 1 ms reaction time.


Specs To Expect At This Price

Under 400 USD may be a price range where you’ll expect to seek out an outsized array of versatile options and combinations to settle on. there’s such a lot happening at this price range since.

There are not any hard and fast rules that outline what a gaming monitor is. it’s the mixture of specs that matters and not the worth.

For example, monitors for photography and editing cost beyond the $500 range; however, they’re not considered gaming monitors because they lack central features, a good reaction time, refresh rate, etc. They excel in colors.

Similarly, you’ll notice that the monitors during this price range offer various specifications.

Some are small in size but offer many gaming-centric specs, while others could also be large and beautiful but lack during a few specs here and there. Rock bottom line is that there’ll be a comprise to be made. You can expect that each one of the displays will all be of premium grade.


The size ranges from 24 – 32 inches.

It is a crucial consideration because the dimensions are directly proportional to the worth. The larger the screen under 400 USD, the fewer features it’ll offer to catch up on the dimensions’ value.

Panel Type:

Majority of the displays during this price range harbor TN panel because it should be for gaming displays.

TN panels are the well-liked panel type for gaming due to their fast reaction time. Also, since they’re cheaper, a monitor can combine other necessary gaming features to enhance performance.

The second commonest panel types are VA panels. These panels offer great colors, viewing angles, also as decent reaction time.

You will not find an IPS panel during this list. it’s quite rare to seek out an IPS panel during a professional gaming monitor.

Although there most certainly are IPS gaming monitors, they’re all beyond the 400 USD range. IPS panels are more preferred by professionals who work with graphics.

People usually have apprehensions that a TN panel is inferior to an IPS panel. that’s not the case. As is that the case with almost everything around, the board themselves have levels of quality.

The TN panel you get at this price range can’t be compared to an IPS panel available on a budget monitor. The TN panels at this price point have a specially built quality.

Moreover, TN panels have also advanced. they’re much clearer, rich in colors, and great for gaming.

Response Time:

Since most of the displays under 400 harbor TN panels need a reaction time of 1 ms, it is often the fastest that you can get, and it’s the reaction time that gamers prefer.

The monitors with VA panels can have a reaction time of 4 – 5 ms.

Refresh Rate:

The lowest refresh rate you can expect at this price point is 144 Hz (except 4k monitors). If you’re trying to find such a monitor, then we are certain that you understand that the refresh rate isn’t adequate to frame rate.

Although they both are directly proportional, the refresh rate may be a function of the display, whereas the frame rate is your gaming hardware’s function.

You would like to possess a strong gaming system to enjoy 144 frames per second that these monitors can support.


The majority of the displays have WQHD resolution, while some may offer 4K.

The only issue is that the 4K monitor doesn’t boast a 144 Hz refresh rather the standard 60 Hz refresh rate.

There is that trade-off to be made between resolution and refresh rate, i.e., productivity vs. smoothness.



In this article, we talked about a number of the simplest gaming monitors under 400 USD. We selected these monitors supported their features, performance also as customer reviews.

We learned here that you could get fairly advanced monitors during this price range. The monitors here are most certainly compatible with professional-level gaming.

As far as our recommendations go, if you’re trying to find the very best reaction time possible, then we recommend the Alienware AW2518Hf that features a whopping 240 Hz refresh rate.

When it involves high refresh rates, you’ll also inspect the all-rounder Dell S2417DG, which also happens to be the sole monitor with G-Sync during this list.

Besides that, if you would like an honest 144Hz refresh rate monitor with WQHD resolution, we’ve listed many monitors above. All of them excel in one way or another.

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