10 Best Dementia Clocks in 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]

If you are looking for the best dementia clocks then you are on the right platform. Some of the early signs and symptoms of dementia are forgotten and one cannot tell what time it is. It can be a lost appointment together with your doctor or an important phone call.

Either way, it can be a frustrating experience, especially if it affects your daily life. Fortunately, technological advancements have led to the development of devices that loved ones can use to track time.

If you are looking for a watch for older people, there are different types, some analog and other digital. We have thoroughly studied and examined several dementia watches on the market and we can confidently say that our review has the best dementia watch.

Let’s start with the buying guide before providing you with our list of the best dementia watches.

Top 10 Best Dementia Clocks

1. American Lifetime Digital Clock

The American Lifetime Digital Clock could be a nice product extremely suggested for somebody with dementia or STM loss.

Some of the notable features of this fantastic watch are the eight-inch display that tells the time and time of day. It also tells you if it is Monday, Tuesday, January, February, and much more. All in clear and simple to read letters.

The deciding factor is the five alarms that the senior can set as reminders for appointments and necessary activities. Surprisingly, the backup battery will keep the time and date in the event of a power failure. The product is stylish and will look great on the wall, cabinet, or desk.


  • It has a large screen
  • Easy to read numbers
  • Five different alarm settings


  • No day savings option
  • Not returnable

2. Dayclox Digital Day Clock

What makes this DayClox Digital Day Clock watch so unique is that DAY and MONTH are fully defined. Many older people who experience memory loss due to a stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or just years later, may have difficulty processing abbreviated words.

This may be appropriate for the rest of the population, but for our loved ones with dementia, the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or just years later, these abbreviations are often too confusing to deal with.

This watch displays only full words, with no abbreviations. The multilingual function of this digital watch can be configured for 8 different languages. The dementia clock can be considered as an aid for dementia, a product against dementia, or even a product against Alzheimer’s disease.


  • The screen is big, bright, high contrast
  • Perfectly programmed for CDT
  • attractive design and easy to program


  • The cord is not very long
  • the programming buttons are hard

3. JALL Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock

From a distance, the JALL digital calendar alarm day clock may look like an ordinary digital watch. However, it is a special watch for people with dementia or memory loss.

When browsing Amazon, you will notice that it is a popular product with a high rating. This talking dementia watch will indicate the time and date. Also, when it is a new month, you will inform the old man.

There is a maximum of 5 alarm functions and therefore the older person can set reminders for appointments and when to take their medications. The auto-dimming feature is ideal for the visually impaired and those who want brightness during the day. Surprise your elders with this gift, and it will warm their hearts.


  • talking clock
  • You can configure five alarms
  • It has an automatic dimming function


  • Too bright at night
  • Available in just one color

4. SVINZ 3 Alarms Dementia Clock

The SVINZ 3 Alarms Dementia clock takes the trophy as the best watch for elderly care. It has an oversized screen with large numbers that are easier to browse.

This amazing watch offers high resolution, making it incredibly useful at night. The letters are in daring and mark that morning; long night ensures that your dear one keeps track of the weather all day.

It has special options not found on other different devices. For example, there are two white or yellow screens and allows the user to define three-alarm parameters. If you are concerned that your loved one is missing a medication, don’t worry, SVINZ is the best option.

The screen darkens at night and lights up during the day; therefore, visually impaired people will find it useful. Morning and afternoon have large letters, so the elderly will not confuse the time of day.


  • Big screen
  • Backup battery
  • Three alarm settings


  • There is no option to resize numbers
  • Low battery

5. Robin Digital Day clock 2.0

Our features include: Backup battery in case of power failure Displays the time of day (morning, night, night) Multiple alarm options Includes medical reminders Yellow and white text display options Enhanced display.

Automatically boosts/dims more than 6 languages ​​including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Welsh. Choice of 3 alarm modes: once, every day, weekday only or weekend only, disabled.

Robin Digital Day Clock Includes: Day Clock, Power Adapter, Clock Holder, Manual, and Day Clock Guide Traditional clocks can be confusing, especially for the elderly, the disabled visuals, and children.

People who struggle with dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, vision problems, and other degenerative diseases often have a hard time keeping up with appointments and schedules. Not seeing or understanding the time on a watch can affect the ease of life and peace of mind.


  • A touch button announces the day and time
  • The display screen is very clear
  • Brightness can be easily adjusted


  • Battery power is low

6. YISSVIC Day Digital Frame Clock

If you are looking for a watch that works and has useful features, you can consider the YISSVIC day Digital clock. It is a high-quality watch for seniors and people with dementia.

These groups may have trouble determining the time of day and to get their routines back in shape, they need an alarm clock.

You will be satisfied with this device because the screen is large and easy to use with a clear time of day labels. It is a day and night clock for the dementia clock and another helpful feature is the massive screen with large numbers and manual settings.

Setting up is incredibly easy since accessing the menu requires you to touch the screen. If you have ever tried to teach a senior how to use a smartphone, you will appreciate the functionality of this watch.


  • Large digital display
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional


  • Lowest brightness
  • Functions are complicated

7. iGuerburn Talking Day Clock

The iGuerburn talking clock topped our list for special reasons. For starters, it is a digital watch with advanced features, available in six languages ​​and specially designed for dementia patients.

A more in-depth look reveals an outsized screen with clear numbers. It does not end there because it is a digital touch screen, easy to use and use.

It also illuminates when the user is alerted, making it ideal for use at night. This battery-powered dementia watch lets you set reminders for your loved one to make sure there are no rush appointments. The watch speaks and therefore the user can follow the time all day.

This model is a high-quality device that is also good value for money. We also like the backup battery feature that keeps the time and date in the event of a power failure.


  • It’s a talking clock
  • Set up to eight alarms
  • Backup battery function


  • Cannot run on batteries
  • the cord is not long enough

8. Gerard Dementia Day Cycle Day Clock

This unique watch, with no abbreviations, was designed to help the elderly living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage, who often lose the ability to distinguish between the days of the week and the cycles of the day.

This disorientation can cause agitation and confusion. This dementia watch clearly shows the day of the week and the cycle of the day, each day divided into 4 cycles: morning, afternoon, afternoon and night

It helps with time orientation for the time of day, without the need to know the exact time. The day clock is a great help and a self-help product for anyone with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss. It is a great gift for our aging population and helps manage their care.

Our tamper-proof style option an easy and clear show that the day of the week and therefore the cycle of the day in the morning, afternoon, afternoon, or evening.


  • Display
  • Stylish frame
  • easy to install


  • Expensive
  • Very bright display

9. SINOIDEAS American Lifetime Day Clock

Why is the day clock so necessary for elderly and dementia patients? People with Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, and dementia need structure, routine, and focus. They often lose the ability to recognize the day of the week. Ancient digital clocks have abbreviations, which might be confusing.

To avoid this, the Sinoideas American Lifetime Day Clock includes a clear, easy-to-read show that helps scale back anxiety regarding the time of day and concerns of missing an appointment.

A favorite show, a meal, or any other key event. 8 alarm clock options, automatic night dimming display. Calendar memory loss day clock with digital photo frame, oversized day, and non-abbreviated month for the blind visually impaired elderly Alzheimer’s.


  • It is very useful for older people for daily meals or taking medications
  • The simplicity and clear and simple style of the product
  • A large display alarm clock


  • Just two light fights
  • More expensive

10. YCOO Dementia Digital Clock

What makes this YCOO Digital Day Clock so unique is that the TIME DAY WEEK MONTH, and YEAR in large, are fully spelled out! Easy to Read: several elders lettered from memory loss due to stroke, or Vision Impaired, Senior & aged or simply advancing years, might have issue process abbreviated words.

It is continued on a wall (using its rear mount hole) or stood on a table, nightstand, shelf or table, eating area, office, dining room, lounge, bedrooms, classroom(school), dormitory, nursing station, bar, garage (using its pull-out stand).

The timer also can be used as a digital icon frame with an SD card (not included). insert the SD card into the slot on the rear of the watch.


  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic dimming at night
  • Stylish and thoughtful design


  • the instructions are poor and too basic
  • the highest “button” is the on / off command is hard to press

Buyer’s guide

When looking for the best dementia watches for the elderly or elderly, there are several factors to consider. Below we highlight the main considerations.

Easy to read numbers and bold letters

When dementia appears, patients can read a clock with large numbers. They can also differentiate between days, months, and years. A digital watch should have large numbers and indicate the time of day, either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Multiple alarm or reminder settings

When someone is in the late stages of memory loss or dementia, they often have trouble reading the clock. A simple watch with alarm settings is ideal because it can remind the elder what time of day it is. For example, morning, afternoon, afternoon, or night

Battery power

Most digital cameras operate on alternating current; therefore, they must be connected to a power outlet.

However, there are battery-powered dementia clocks, making them suitable for hanging on the walls or for traveling with them. When shopping, it is essential to check whether the batteries are rechargeable.


Dementia watches are helpful and reduce confusion or anxiety, especially for older people who don’t know what time of day or night it is. They also help track the time, date, day, and month. They create life peaceful for each caregiver and patient.

Although the options presented here will help you buy the best watch, it is also essential to consider the preference of the elderly. Some may prefer older models, while others may opt for digital options.

Overall, the best dementia watch is one that is easy to use, read, and understand. There’s no purpose in shopping for an upscale and complex product.

Older people are sensitive and should be handled with care. Make sure the numbers are large and bold and the instructions for use are simple and straightforward. With this in mind, you will have the best product for your loved one.

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