10 Best 4k Curved Gaming Monitors In 2022

The best 4K curved gaming monitors could also be demanding of your gaming PC. If you would like the extent of detail a 3840 x 2160 resolution offers, you would like a mixture of the highest panel technology and, therefore, the latest high-end gaming features. Lately, meaning you would like a VA or IPS screen, a refresh rate above the 60Hz baseline, and a few frame-syncing capabilities, whether that’s-Sync or FreeSync.

But while 4K gaming remains relatively niche, and lots of the simplest gaming monitors are quite a legitimate alternative, the simplest 4K gaming monitors are getting ever more accessible to us PC gamers. They are either ultra-expensive or merely TN displays, there’s a world of high-quality 4K screens out there just waiting to possess the fantastic vistas of Red Dead Redemption 2 evident across them.

The main thing to think about is whether you’ve got a gaming PC capable of creating a 4K gaming monitor worthwhile. Upgrading to at least one of the most straightforward graphics cards will ensure your laptop’s not just getting to be rendering a gaming slideshow with the step-up to 4K. You ought to aim for a bigger screen size too. The primary 4K monitor we ever tested was glorious but was only a 24-inch panel, so we couldn’t quite appreciate the 8.3 million pixels we were generating.

Best 4k Curved Gaming Monitors

Curved gaming monitors might sound sort of a gimmick compared to flat-screen displays that employment plenty fine, but there are some real advantages to them. With a screen that wraps around your field of view, you’ll see more of the display at a look and reducing the necessity to shift your focus to different parts of the screen. 

We completed hours of hands-on (or eyes-on) testing with an enormous collection of curved gaming monitors, ranging in size from 27″ up to a vast, (ultra-)ultrawide 49″ model. Here are our picks for the simplest curved gaming monitors to support our testing and consideration of price, features, and performance.

1. Samsung 32-Inch UR590C: The Most Straightforward Curved Monitor For Work

best 4K curved gaming monitors

The Samsung 32-inch UR590C is that the best-curved monitor for work. due to its 1500R curvature, the screen gives your eyes smooth focus to the middle, hence reducing your eyes’ constant shifting and curbs eye strain. Even better, the Samsung 4k curved monitor allows for split-screen use while maintaining a top-quality resolution. As such, it’s an excellent UHD monitor for graphics and coding as you’ll run one tab with code while viewing the results on the opposite. The pixels’ density allows you to see the web pages, videos, games, and editing without scrolling.

What makes this a far better UHD curved monitor is that the high 2500:1 contrast ratio yields a spread of hues and accurate coloring for an authentic, immersive experience. the range of colors gives a top-quality experience for editing, gaming, or enjoying your favorite movie. In-game mode, the UR590C optimizes image contrast in each genre, ensuring that you see everything on the screen.

Another fantastic feature is its Picture-By-Picture (PBP) option that allows you to connect the Monitor with two different devices. Additionally, you’ll view each side with their native resolution, thus getting a top-quality experience. Although it doesn’t equal the predator gaming monitors, the 60 Hz refresh rate is perfect for many games at your disposal. Even better, the monitor features an incredibly vibrant and darker black, which enriches the standard of its visual output. Overall, this is often the most straightforward 4k curved monitor for color reproduction, screen management, and glare reduction.

2. Monoprice 49 Inch Zero-G Curved DFHD: The Most Spartan Budget Ultrawide Monitor Under $1000

best 4K curved gaming monitor

While other brands are costly, the Monoprice 4k curved screen is that the best budget ultrawide monitor under $100 with an appealing number of features. due to its size, the monitor allows for multi-screen partitioning. Like the former, this UHD monitor allows for Picture by Picture display without compromising the resolution. It has Double Full HD provides a 3840×1080 native screen.

Since it allows for dual host service, the monitor ensures that you efficiently run your projects without juggling between machines. Unlike pricier options, the monitor offers 3 HDMI ports and single display Ports inputs. The Monitor combines Quantum Dot Technology with the Dynamic Range that gives a billion colors. an excellent feature of this monitor is that even a slight variation of color is reproduced on the screen.

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Its 1800R curvature and an expansive ratio of 32:9 provide a far better view and an enhanced immersive experience. you’ll notice the action even at the sides of the screen. it ranks among the simplest monitors for gamers thanks to its super-fast refresh rate of 144 HZ. It’s an honest option and a cheap one compared to varied 4k monitors.

3. Dell UltraSharp U3818DW Curved Monitor: Best 38 Inch 4K Curved Monitor

best cheap 4K curved gaming monitors

The UltraSharp U3818DW is another excellent UHD curved monitor. The ultra-wide screen features a 21:9 ratio that provides a superior viewing experience. Additionally, the 2300R curvature allows you to specialize in each portion of the screen equally. It keeps the screen at an equal distance of your eye, so you’ve got a full view. With a 1,000:1 contrast ratio and 350 cd/m, it gives enhanced clarity with no blur or glare disturbing the view.

The flicker-free screen filters the harmful blue light emersion to optimize your eye comfort. The monitor also features a limited power consumption, which allows you to perform your tasks without surpassing your power budget. Unlike some 4k monitors, the Dell UHD monitor accommodates USB type C and Bluetooth 4.0 connection. additionally, to its 9W speakers, this is often the most straightforward 4k curved monitor for video editing because it produces unrivaled quality sound.

The Monitor also offers HDMI connectors, DP connectors, Audio lineout ports, and USB upstream and downstream ports. Overall, this is often the most straightforward 38-inch 4k curved monitor for video editing and screen management.

 4. VIOTEK SUW49C Curved Monitor with Speakers: Best 4k Curved Monitor Under $700

best budget 4K curved gaming monitors

You get what you buy. A precept actual with the VIOTEK SUW49C monitor. Featuring a 21:9 ratio and optimized color, the monitor promises high-quality images that are great for gaming, work, and entertainment. Even better, the density of pixels in its 3840×1080 pp resolution gives a transparent picture with far better clarity. Additionally, this 4k monitor offers a 107% sRGB color gamut, which reinforces color accuracy.

What makes this rank the most straightforward 4k curved monitor under $700 is that the 120Hz refresh rate and 4m reaction time make it a perfect option for hardcore gamers. The monitor screen is calibrated at a contrast ratio of 3000:1, which allows you to edit your videos, photos, or design with accuracy.

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The high contrast and optimization leave minute detailing, thus enhancing your final touches. just like the previous monitor, the VIOTEK UHD monitor features a blue-color picture that gives longer screen time without straining your eyes. The monitor screen offers split-screen options so you’ll view multiple windows simultaneously. In addition to the image quality, this ranks among the 4k monitors with quality sound. it often a superb option for video editing. Also, the Monitor comes with a foreign control that gives for convenient adjustments.

 5. ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q: Best 34 Inch 4k Curved Gaming Monitor

best 4K curved gaming monitors

The Asus ROG SWIFT PG348Q monitor offers a facet ratio of 21:9, which provides a panoramic gaming view. Also, this ranks among the monitors with an honest reaction time of 5ms. Even better, the ROG PG348Q offers a quick refresh rate of 100HZ. As such, this ranks because of the best 34-inch 4k curved monitor for gaming because it has no lag. due to the fast refreshing pace, you’ll always have the whip hand in games without blur.

Even better, the multiple screens allow you to watch many tabs at a go. it often ideal for designers and workers who operate various accounts at a trial when performing on projects. to make sure your eye wellness, this UHD monitor has ASUS eyecare technology. This technology controls blue light and eliminates flickering, thus saving you from eye strain.

Additionally, The Monitor gives you six display mode presets to optimize your visual experience. At 3800R, this monitor proves a beast and a steal for its tag. The NVIDIA G-sync technology eliminates screen tearing and minimizes the input lag; thus, it’s ideal for fast-paced games. With its QHD resolution,

you’ll see the nitty-gritty elements that comprise images on your screen. Its high pixel density doesn’t affect the standard of flicks of your view, even on widescreen. The Monitor is often mounted on the wall because it is Vesa compatible. It comes with a stand that will tilt, swivel, pivot, and permit height adjustment.

6. Samsung 32-inch Curved LED Monitor (Ultra- Slim Design): Cheapest 4k Curved Monitor

best 4K curved gaming monitor

The 1800R curvature of the Samsung CF391 is supposed to supply a very immersive experience while gaming or watching your movies. the planning inspired by the human eye’s curve, which delivers an enjoyable viewing experience.

Unlike its counterparts, the Samsung LED monitor features game mode technology; thus, it is the cheapest curved monitor for gaming. Like standard gaming monitors, the LED monitor features a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is decent for many games.

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When it involves colors, you get the original vivid, vibrant, and stunning colors, because of Samsung’s Active Crystal Colour technology. The contrast ratio of 5000:1 delivers deep blacks and bright whites, thus providing clarity no matter the darkness or brightness of a scene. the sport mode optimizes the screen colors and contrast, therefore ensuring you enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

7. VIOTEK NV32Q True 4K Monitor 32-Inch Curved: Best 4k Curved Monitor Under $400

best 4K curved gaming monitors

VIOTEK NV32Q is genuinely one of the best curved monitors for gaming because it unleashes the full potential of each pixel it packs. Among the features that make this an excellent monitor for gaming are its flicker-free, anti-glare screen, quick reaction time of 4ms, and a high refresh rate of 144Hz.

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Additionally, gamers will find this Monitor suitable to their terms because it is compatible with various gaming consoles. The VIOTEK NV32Q is compatible with PS4 or Xbox One through the HDMI 2.0 port, and a DisplayPort 1.4. Owing to its 1800R curvature, this monitor offers a far better immersive experience. The 1M:1 DCR offers a broader sort of colors; thus, it gives an excellent visual experience that reinforces your gaming and entertainment needs.

the result of this is often a depth perception of visual content that permits your eyes to naturally track the motions across the screen without unnecessary head movement. it makes this our top pick curved monitor for gaming because the monitor features an AMD free sync option and a boosted overdrive that gives a quick reaction time of three .1ms. Additionally, the sport mode comes with a Game Plus targeting technology, which allows for finesse shooting.

8. BenQ EX3501R 21:9 Ultrawide Curved QHD Monitor: Best 4k Monitor for Eye Comfort

best 4K curved gaming monitor

this monitor has Featuring a quick 100Hz. Refresh rate and a 4ms reaction time, this monitor can handle the right sort of games without lagging, thus ensuring you respond quickly to varied situations. At 34 inches and a 21: 9 aspect ratio, the Monitor has been optimized for gaming and multitasking. Even better, its 1800R curvature beams its visual projection to you, making for an immersive experience.

Even better, this monitor features an eye fixed care technology comprising of a brightness intelligence plus and low blue light. The brightness intelligence plus uses sensors to adapt brightness and color temperature to your in-room lighting, thus yielding a top-quality color balance.

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On the opposite hand, the low blue light combats eyestrain and fatigue, allowing long durations on the screen without migraines. The HDR offers vivid bright areas and transparent dark regions for clarity, thus making your display pristine.

 9. Philips Brilliance 499P9H 49″ SuperWide Curved Monitor: Best Extra-Wide 4k Curved Monitor

best 4K curved gaming monitors

Bigger is best. and therefore the Phillips 499P9H 49-inch screen is proof. Featuring a 48.8 viewable screen, this monitor is with little question the most straightforward extra-wide 4k curved monitor. Unlike standard monitors, the 49-inch screen is amid a facet ratio of 32: 9 and a resolution of 5120×1440. As such, this provides a bigger space for gaming and work while giving an invalid solution. Adaptive-Sync technology allows you to play the fastest games at any framerate during a smooth and quick refresh rate and ultra-fast reaction time.

When combined with the 1800R curved VA screen, you get an immersive field of view with wide-viewing angles. Another outstanding feature is that the Display HDR 400 produces unrivaled brightness, contrast, and colors. The Phillip’s UHD monitor also features a Multiclient Integrated KVM switch that permits you to regulate two separate PCs with one monitor-keyboard-mouse found out.

What makes this stand out is that the quality built-in speakers and face recognition camera allow for faster than traditional passwords for facial screen locks. The set also features an adjustable stand, a quick reaction time of 5ms, and a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is adequate for the market’s games.

10. LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch IPS Monitor: Best 4K Curved Monitor Under $500

best 4K curved gaming monitors

The LG 34UC80 may be a steal for its price. Besides offering a top-quality color-calibrated screen, the monitor boasts a high contrast, yielding sharp picture quality. Whether you would like to observe movies or play those fast-paced games, the LG 34UC80-B is one among the simplest 4k curved monitors under $500 you’ll believe. With a top-quality of 21:9, 3440 X 1440 pixel, and over 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum, you get the simplest experience.

The AMD FreeSync reduces the tearing and stuttering, which ends up during a seamless fluid movement in your gaming without the necessity to upgrade your graphics card. Even better, the screen stand is adjustable, thus allows for appropriate positioning of the screen and reducing neck and back pain.

Before Buying Must Consider These Tips

With a massive array of 4k monitors within the market, it’d be challenging to select your needs’ proper monitor. Technical terminologies and advancements are, without a doubt, confusing. Similarly, designs may appear impressive, but functionalities could also be below par. Among the defining features of a top-quality, 4k monitor includes:

4k Curved Gaming Monitors

The 4k display is the symbol of 4 forms that are TN, OLED, VA, and IPS. Panel technology affects how a monitor performs.


(twisted nematic) Panels: they’re the most cost-effective and have the fastest reaction time ranging between 5ms and 1ms. While the reaction time makes them ideal gaming monitors, they need soft colors and viewing angles.


(In-Plane Switching) Panels: this sort of panel packs advantages like broader viewing angle, faster reaction time better color than VA and TN, and unmatched screen consistency and color accuracy.


(organic light-emitting diode) panels made from organic material, which emits light when electricity is applied. They do not need a backlight or filters like LCD, which makes them more efficient and thinner (can be flexible). they need excellent picture quality – brilliant colors, infinite contrast, fast response rate, and wide viewing angles.


(vertical alignment) panels: these panels accompany outstanding contrast and image depth. Still, they need wide viewing angles. However, these have a slower reaction time as compared to TN panels.


There is not one monitor that’s best for all purposes. However, various monitors have quality features for particular needs. When selecting a superb 4k monitor, make sure that it packs quality color gamuts; refresh rates, and response times. With a curved monitor, you get a natural viewing experience, outstanding graphics, and reduced eye strain. The screen is immersive, reduces reflection, and ideal for multi-monitor users. When buying the best 4k curved monitor, we recommend choosing one that matches the budget and suits the character of your work best. Overall, 4k monitors are ideal for enhancing productivity and yielding a more immersive experience.

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