2nd Monitor Detected But Not Displaying Issue

Claim down I will tell you in this article what is the issue due to which 2nd Monitor detected but not displaying

MONITOR It is a part of the computer that shows the video and graphics data produced by a linked computer with the help of a computer’s video card. Monitors are just like to TVs but generally show data at a greater resolution. A Monitor is also called as a screen and a visual display unit. Earlier computer monitors utilize cathode rays tubes which build them big, excessive and ineffective. But today flat-screen LCD monitors are the part of gadgets such as laptops, and desktop computers as they are more lightweight and much energy capable.

1st MONITOR INVENTION DATE: The first PC Monitor was the part of the Xerox Alto computer system, invented on 1 March 1973.


Common Information about Monitor

On a personal computer, the Monitor links through a wire to a passage on the keyboard. Monitors are an inherent part of the computer such as laptops, pads and all in one personal computer. You can also buy one separate Monitor if you want to update from your present Monitor or if you want to have the multiple-monitor system.

IS MONITOR IS INPUT OR OUTPUT DEVICE: Monitor is known as output device because it is only used to show output data from a personal computer and it doesn’t provide any source of data input.

TYPES OF MONITOR There are two main types of Monitor

  1. LCD
  2. CRT


  1. LCD Monitor

It stands for Liquid Crystal Display is a type of Computer monitor that uses LCD automation to show obvious pictures and it is present in personal laptop computers or flat panel displays.

  1. CRT Monitor

It stands for a Cathode ray tube is a vacuum tube that consists of more than one electron capture. Its main function is to show pictures.




Energy secure:

Most advance monitors possess the ability to turn to an energy securing mode. Some monitors also turned off after a cycle of time.

Angle Screens:

Confined look at angle screens used in some sort of safety-conscious programs.

3D Display:

Modern monitors are capable to show some unique pictures for each eye sometimes with the help of special glasses, providing the feeling of intensity.

Big Screen:

Monitors that have features of ratio 21:9 are most commonly used.

Linked accessories:

Some Monitors have various connections unified. While other monitors have modern microprocessors and other software which is helpful for proper functioning.



You came to know that the second monitor detected but not displaying, then two errors are the reason for it.

  1. There can some errors within the computer.
  2. Or there is an issue with Monitor.
  • Within Computer
  • can have the following issues
  • The problem is the graphic card
  • The recently installed window can also be a reason
  • The computer can have some virus in it
  • There can some issues in the display setting.
  • With Monitor
  • can have the following errors
  • The monitor can have some internal problems
  • The second monitor may have some defect
  • Now let’s talk about the solution of the second monitor detected, but not displaying let’s discuss some easy and quick steps to solve this problem.


Are You Connecting Second Monitor For The First Time?

  • You have connected the second monitor before and it was working then you have to think what is the recent task you have performed on your computer because of which the second monitor is not displaying. It may because you had upgraded your window, or installed new software or device driver. Now don’t be afraid of this error just restoring your system can help you to solve this issue.
  1. Start Your Computer Again
  • The thing that can help you to cope up with this problem is to restart your computer.
  • Replace the Second Monitor with another Monitor second Monitor with another Monitor is also a way to check whether this Monitor works or not. This can only be done if another Monitor is available at the moment.


Check Your Drivers.

You are facing any issues related to the display than check that your driver is upgraded to the latest version or not. You have to check both dedicated graphic card and integrated graphics card.


Check Virus In Your System

  • A step is to check the virus in your system, for this you must have a virus detector and if there is any virus in your system you have to install anti-virus software to remove that virus.
  • Were steps that can help you to cope up with the problem of the monitor display?



The Dual Monitors Setting

  • Should try once again to detect the Monitor.
  • And Analyze The Hardware
  1. Do you attempt to use your 2nd Monitor as your first monitor?
  2. Does it work accurately when it was just the only Monitor attached?
  3. Then it is very much clear that the problem is in Windows setting or Hardware this is as easy to solve as a problem with video port.
  4. Have you ever tried to change the wires?
  5. Do you ever use any other kind of Video Port?


2. Upgrade Device Driver

  • You check your hardware and you are sure that the second display has no hardware issue and it works accurately when you connect it as the only display than play is 100% in software. It is the duty if Graphics driver for allowing the operating system and software features on your personal computer to use the computer hardware.




  • Viruses can harm your system files and thus it becomes the reason for issues with the 2nd Monitor not displaying. So if you don’t have antivirus you can easily download it from the internet and then fully scan your system, this will help you very much.



The monitor is not displaying there is no need to worried ability this issue because this can be solved easily with the help of basic steps. Restating your system, replacing Monitor, installing antivirus software all these options can help you to get rid of this issue easily.

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